The 8 Best Bed Frames in Australia

If you’re on the hunt for a new bed frame in Australia, there are countless options on the internet to sift through, and it can be difficult to know which ones are really worth it. 

While a good mattress is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s not the only thing that matters. A good mattress won’t take you very far if you don’t have the right bed frame properly supporting it. 

Fortunately, we’ve spent countless hours combing over all the bed frames on the Australian market today to find the eight best ones for you to consider.  

Buyer’s Guide

Before you know which bed frame is the best option for you, you have to understand what to look for in a bed frame and what components should matter in the selection process.


While this might be a no-brainer for most, it’s essential to consider what bed frame material you want and what will work for your specific needs.

While the material used won’t necessarily affect how comfortable the bed is, it’s still an essential part of determining whether or not the bed frame will work for your space. 

The most common materials used to make bed frames are wood, metal, and fabric upholstery. 

Wood bed frames come in various colors and stains and offer a warm, organic look. However, you have to be careful with wood frames, as they can break. 

Upholstered bed frames typically go on the outside of a wooden frame, so you have the same considerations when buying an upholstered frame, except you also run the risk of the fabric tearing or staining. 

Metal frames are the sturdiest bed frame material, but they’re often coated in paint or color that can ruin the frame’s look if it chips. 


When you get your bed frame, you’re likely to notice one of two types of slats: flat slats or sprung slats. 

While it doesn’t seem like the slats used in a bed would make much of a difference in terms of comfort, this is actually where your bed frame can really make a difference. 

Bed frames with flat slats tend to be cheaper, as the slats are lower quality and less responsive. More expensive bed frames are typically built with sprung slats.

Sprung slats have a gentle curve to them and are often made with a softer, more pliable wood; they’re also frequently held together with a ribbon or elastic band to help keep them in place.

The curve of the slats provides more flexibility and comfort, but it can also extend your mattress’s lifespan by reducing the amount of stress on the mattress when there’s no give.


Another important factor to consider when looking at bed frames is the overall height of the bed frame. 

You should think about whether you prefer a low, average, or high bed frame and consider whether or not you’ll be using a box spring. If you plan to use a box spring, consider the added height it will give your mattress.

If you want a lower overall bed, consider a platform bed, which you can use without a box spring. If you prefer sleeping higher off the bed, choose a bed frame compatible with a box spring to give you extra height. 


The last thing to take into consideration when choosing a bed frame is whether or not you want it to include a headboard. 

Headboards are primarily intended for decorative purposes, so there’s nothing saying you should or shouldn’t use them; it really comes down to personal preference.

Headboards are an artful way of filling up the space behind your bed and have minor functionality.

One perk of choosing a bed frame with a headboard is that it prevents pillows from sliding down the back of the bed at night and getting stuck between the bed and the wall. 

Upholstered headboards can also provide additional cushioning when sitting up in bed. 

The Best Bed Frames in Australia 2022

  1. Best Minimalist Bed Frame: Noa Sunset Bed Frame

The Noa Sunset bed frame is a minimalist’s dream. It has the simplicity of a basic metal frame with so much more aesthetic appeal.

The sustainably sourced American walnut veneer gives off just enough warmth to offset the sleek black metal legs. 

The platform bed is designed so that the frame barely extends past the mattress and is constructed with high-quality sprung slats. 

However, one thing to consider is that the bed frame has a height of only 30 cm, which adds to its minimalist design, but can make getting in and out of bed tricky.

  1. Best Upholstered Bed Frame: Noa Venice Bed 

Quite the opposite of the Sunset bed frame, the Noa Venice bed offers luxe comfort with its extra tall tufted headboard. 

Available in either beige or charcoal, the textured polyester upholstery is sure to look good in virtually any bedroom.  

The bed frame features steel support legs and four steel hairpin legs in the corners of the bed and is made with sprung slats. 

However, despite the tall headboard, the platform bed is not much taller than the Sunset frame and only sits 34 cm off the ground. 

  1. Best Platform Bed Frame: Sleep Republic Pro Base

Sleep Republic’s Pro Base bed frame made the top of our list for platform beds because of the little details in which they really go above and beyond. 

The slats on the bed frame are 50% thicker than traditional bed slats often are, and instead of 10 or 12 slats, there are 14 in total, which offers overall better support than most platform beds. 

In addition, the low-profile upholstered frame comes in either grey or black, meaning you’ll be able to match it to fit your style. 

This bed also made the list because of Sleep Republic’s 100-night guarantee and nationwide free shipping for all of Australia. 

  1. Best Customizable Bed Frame: Ergoflex Premium Bed

The Ergoflex Premium bed is a highly customizable bed frame and an excellent option if you’re in your forever home and willing to spend a little bit more to get precisely what you’re looking for.

The Ergoflex allows you to control every element of your bed’s physical presentation, including leg color, fabric type and color, and headboard; they also offer white glove delivery.

However, despite its superior comfort and gorgeous design, the Ergoflex comes at a significantly higher price point than most of the other beds on this list, which you should consider. 

  1. Best Budget Bed Frame (Metal): Zinus Modern Steel Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus Modern Steel Platform bed frame is a no-frills minimalist option that delivers dependable quality at a very reasonable price.

The steel platform bed frame is durable with a slightly industrial look, and the flat slats offer plenty of support. 

The height of the frame is 35 cm off the ground, and there is 30 cm of space below the bed, which is great for storage. 

  1. Best Budget Bed Frame (Upholstered): Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Fabric Bed Frame

Another fantastic budget option from Zinus, the Omkaram Upholstered Fabric bed frame, comes in a beautiful midnight blue and offers a classic appeal. 

Despite the low price point, the Omkaram delivers unique features such as its velcroed bed slats, which ensure the slats stay in place. 

Setup is easy, and Zinus beds come with a five-year warranty, which offers buyers peace of mind.

  1. Best Budget Bed Frame (Overall): Zinus Suzanne Metal & Wood Platform Bed Frame

The Suzanne bed frame is the last Zinus frame on the list, but it is hands down the winner of the best overall budget frame because it has the look and feel of a much more expensive frame. 

The pine and metal come together to create an elegant industrial feel, and the bed is offered in two different heights, meaning there is more of a likelihood you’ll find one to meet your needs.

Overall, the Suzanne platform bed is an absolute steal, and the easy construction and five-year warranty are a bonus. 

  1. Most Ergonomic Bed Frame: Koala Timber Bed Base

The Koala Timber Bed Base is a true work of art, and the ergonomic design is unparalleled. Despite having to construct the bed yourself, construction is easy and painless and doesn’t even require a single tool.

The natural wood and minimalist design are beautiful, and the frame even comes with additional ergonomic features such as cable management for pesky phone chargers. 

The one shortcoming of the Koala bed base is that it is made of pure wood, so if you’re looking for a bed frame with a little more give, this is likely not the bed for you. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new bed frame, the eight frames listed here are the best options on the market in Australia currently.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while a bed frame may completely meet one person’s needs, it could be a massive disappointment to another.

It’s essential to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for out of a bed frame and consider those desires when shopping for a new one to make sure you’re happy with the one you choose.

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