Best Latex Mattress in Australia

Latex is a natural product of the Rubber tree. It’s elastic in nature and has a wide application across many industries. As the carbon footprint grows, Latex mattresses are steadily becoming the popular choice in Australia due to their amazing benefits. 

The mattress provides great spine support and is suitable for people with back pain and other musculoskeletal ailments. 

While there are hundreds of latex mattresses products worldwide, this article looks at the best latex mattress in Australia. And if you’re not satisfied with our choice, there’s a buyer’s guide after this article.

Peacelily Latex Mattress – Best Overall 

Peacelily is the best overall because it provides the perfect amount of bounce and sink. The mattress is as odourless as they come, and the little smell is natural latex making it safe to breathe. 

You’ll love the durability of this mattress, thanks to its 100% materials that include Dunlop latex and organic cotton. Moreover, the mattress material is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the leading body for testing material quality. 

The mattress texture is firm with the right amount of “give” to support pressure points. Although a tad heavy, this mattress is easy to set up. Peacelily has a firmness level designed for all sleepers, with the soft side suitable for people who sleep on their side.

Meanwhile, the medium firmness is great for back sleepers, including side sleepers who enjoy a firmer mattress and people with different sleeping positions. The firm bottom side is an excellent choice for sleepers who lie on their stomachs and any other person who prefers a firm mattress. 

One standout feature is that, unlike other latex mattress products, Peacelily doesn’t compress as much, which is ideal for large sleepers. 

The result is less soreness in the morning and a night of significantly better sleep. You won’t feel your partner move around the bed, which can sometimes disrupt your sleep. 

For all its goodness, Peacelily is a heavy mattress and a challenge to move up a flight of stairs. Even though it’s pricey, the 25-year warranty makes it totally worth it, and you get 100 days to test the mattress for free!

Bottom Line: An absolute top-tier mattress for every type of sleeper.


  • Multiple sizes
  • 100% organic materials
  • Adjustable firmness
  • 100 nights for free
  • 25-year warranty

Pure Support Latex Mattress – Best Luxury

Pure Support Latex is for sleepers who don’t compromise on comfort at night. Buying a mattress of this quality and price is a huge decision, and that’s why we recommend this product for sleepers with chronic pain. 

Even though this mattress costs an arm and a leg, it’s still worth its weight in gold, having won the 2020 and 2022 awards for Best Latex Mattress by Product Review. Every stitch and fibre is of premium quality, with seven zonal points to support your frame. 

Pure Support is known in Australia for premium luxury mattresses. This product has been its flagship mattress for more than six decades. 

The mattress is an all-natural model with two firmness levels, medium and firm. The firmness options make the mattress comfortable for suitable sleepers of different weights. 

Moreover, you can consult Pure Support for a custom-made latex mattress designed for your specific needs. This mattress has seven firmness zones to give heavier body parts extra stability without compromising lighter body parts kite your head or limbs.

The mattress also has multiple latex layers that are breathable, ideal for the unpredictable Aussie climate that can be warm and humid. Interestingly, the two firmness options provide a different sleep experience for sleepers of different weight classes. 

Sleepers less than 60 kg often prefer a medium firmness level. However, the more firm option is agreeable for sleepers above 100 kg, including stomach and back sleepers between both weight classes. 

An eye-catching feature of this mattress is the 21-year guarantee which showcases its durability. The mattress should be the best overall, but for the lack of refunds.

Bottom Line: An exceptional mattress for chronic pain and back relief suitable for sleepers without budget limits.


  • Multiple sizes
  • 100% natural materials
  • High-quality quilted bamboo topper
  • 21-year warranty
  • Suitable for sleepers with varying firmness levels
  • Reversible design

Zenna Latex Mattress – Best Value

Zenna Latex Mattress combines excellent fabric quality with a reasonable price point. Interestingly, this mattress is also a proud recipient of the Best Mattress Award, which it won in 2020 from Product Review. 

The bed is medium-firm and doesn’t sink like memory foam, making it suitable for sleepers weighing 60 kg and above. The 100% natural latex material has sufficient ventilation to draw away heat, thereby providing a comfortable night’s sleep at an affordable price. 

However, the mattress does have a natural latex smell which may take a while to dissipate. The top layer has a bouncy yet gentle feel that comfortably cradles your body while supporting your core. 

While it doesn’t have the 20+ years warranty of the mattresses above, it’s still good for 10 years which is better than many competitors. Besides, the ECO INSTITUT in Germany certifies this mattress to be 100% natural, free from dangerous materials, and compliant with  European standards. 

It’s a thoughtful touch to find a breathable bamboo cover that is easy to wash. This mattress is an excellent combination of durability, comfort, and affordability with multiple firmness options for a wide variety of sleepers. 

And unlike the Pure Support Mattress, you can return this product and get your refund!

Bottom Line: A fantastic latex mattress with a low price tag when you consider the premium quality of the materials.


  • Seven support areas for additional spinal support
  • Low price
  • 100% European latex
  • Adjustable firmness
  • 100-night free trial

Awara Latex Mattress – Best Hybrid

This list isn’t complete without Awara, winner of multiple best mattress awards, including:

  • GQ Best Stuff Mattress 2021
  • Insider Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2021
  • Sleep Foundation Top Pick Best Value 2021

The mattress is 100% certified Dunlop Latex from authentic rubber trees, with 100% organic wool from New Zealand and 100% naturally sourced cotton. The materials work together to wick moisture, decrease bacteria, and improve airflow around your bed. 

The entire mattress is breathable, with wrapped coils that enhance air circulation, ensuring you get a restful sleep even when your partner changes sleep positions. The mattress firmness level is medium-firm, which gives the ideal bounce for senior sleepers. 

This bed also improves sleep for regular weight and heavyweight back and side sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper who’s average weight or lightweight, the Awara Latex Mattress is a bed you should buy. 

The bedding is free from synthetic wool, formaldehyde, lead, and other harsh or harmful ingredients. 

And if you buy a mattress, the company will plant ten trees, thereby making its bid to safeguard our environment. On that note, this bed isn’t for everyone. If you want a soft latex mattress, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Unlike memory foam, you won’t get that “sinking feeling” that gives all over your frame. Rather what the mattress seeks to do is to provide some level of firmness to improve your sleeping posture while alleviating pressure points and providing pain relief.

Interestingly, this mattress isn’t the best for couples because the pocketed coil makes the bed bouncy. When your partner tosses and turns, you’re sure to hear it, disrupting sleep for people who wake up at the slightest noise. 

On the flip side, the excellent bounce makes this mattress ideal for sex because of its responsiveness.

Bottom Line: The Awara Latex Mattress is made from breathable material and an ideal choice for sleepers with multiple sleep positions.


  • Multiple sizes
  • 100% natural materials
  • Pocketed coils for spinal stability
  • One year free trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Dunlop

Quokkabeds Latex Mattress – Best Affordable

Premium quality mattresses often cost more than $1000, but the Quokkabeds Latex Mattress is an exception. The bed uses Vietnam sourced latex that is all-natural and 100% organic. It’s an eco-friendly product and durable bed for healthy sleep. 

Moreover, the latex fabric consists of multilayered holes. These holes improve breathability and regulate the temperature on hot Australian nights. You can order this mattress in different sizes from 16 cm to 24 cm with an option of bamboo or organic cotton topper. 

The mattress has two firmness levels, medium and firm. The 16 cm firm option consists of two layers and is suitable for sleepers that crave pressure relief, with less “give” and more lumbar support. However, there’s still a slight bounce that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hard.

If you want softer bedding, the 24 cm medium option is needed. It has a more luxurious feel and better “give” because it consists of three layers. 

This option is for people who want a softer bed and sleepers with side pain. Quokkabeds also provides 100-night free testing, and you can exchange a layer for free. 

The mattress has multiple certifications from the ECO INSTITUT, OEKO-TEX, and GOTS. The standout feature of this mattress is the ability to mix up the layers to customize the firmness level.

Bottom Line: Quokkabeds Latex Mattress is an affordable and fully customizable bed with comfort options for different sleepers.


  • 100 nights free trial
  • Return mattress layers for free
  • 20 years warranty
  • Multiple sizes and firmness levels

Best Latex Mattress Buying Guide

You can feel confident in our latex mattress recommendations above. However, if you want to buy your own bed, these are some factors worth keeping in mind.

Latex Quality

We always recommend 100% authentic and organic latex. While this material might cost more, it’s the best choice due to its eco-friendly and biodegradable properties. 

This latex quality is the most premium because it lacks pesticides and other chemicals used in caring for the Rubber tree. On the other hand, natural latex is also 100% authentic. 

Still, pesticides assist the Rubber tree growth making them latex natural but not chemical-free. We don’t recommend synthetic latex because the material is harmful. Moreover, synthetic latex doesn’t provide the same sleep experience you get from organic and natural latex mattresses.

Dunlop or Talalay Latex

Authentic latex from the rubber sap tree is processed in two ways. Dunlop or Talalay. Dunlop mattresses have a denser latex, while Talalay is lighter and airier. 

If you want a firmer mattress, go for the Dunlop latex. However, if you need more bounce and give, Talalay is the more suitable option.

Firmness Level

The firmness level mostly depends on the mattress pinhole number. The pinhole size and placement are also designed to provide different comfort options for different sleepers. 

Heavyweight and back sleepers may want a firmer bed for better spinal support and stability. However, a softer bed is more suited for side sleepers or people with hips and shoulder issues. 

Softer latex mattresses are also great for lightweight sleepers because there’s less sink into the mattress compared to heavyweight sleepers. Latex mattresses last for decades, so make sure you get the best firmness level for your needs.

Layer Amount

Some latex mattresses ship as single bedding, while others have multiple layers to tweak comfort levels. If you can’t decide on the firmness level you need, we recommend buying a latex mattress with multiple layers.

Mattress Cover

Premium latex mattresses often use organic and breathable materials. These include natural fabrics like cotton and wool. Since latex mattresses last a long time, you need a mattress cover that is just as durable while providing amazing comfort.


The best products have a minimum 10-year warranty because of the durability of latex. Besides, many brands offer a timed trial period to ensure the mattress is what you want before sealing the deal. 


The best latex mattresses in Australia cost over $1000. However, it’s possible to find an exceptional product that costs less. 

Mattresses on the more expensive side incorporate many features to make your sleep better while incorporating the most premium organic materials into the mattress.


High-quality latex mattresses are certified by international bodies that put these products through rigorous testing. Some of these certifications include:

  • GOTS
  • GOLS


Latex mattresses are steadily becoming the Aussies’ choice because of their durability and comfort. As more Australians push for climate change, there’s been a marked preference for eco-friendly products. 

The best latex mattresses repel dangerous microorganisms, making them safe for people with allergies. Additionally, latex mattresses provide critical support for the spine with contours that alleviate pressure while improving pain relief.

Peacelily Latex Mattress is our best overall because of its reasonable price, functionality, and natural materials. It also has a 25-year warranty which speaks to its durability. 

The latex mattresses on this list are the best in their respective classes and are sure to provide you with fantastic value.

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