Sleeping Duck vs. Koala Mattress Comparison 2024

Having a good night’s rest is essential for your health and comfort. To achieve a peaceful sleep, aside from bed add-ons such as sheets, pillows, and blankets, the foundation of comfort comes from your mattress. However, finding an affordable mattress that is kind to your wallet and your sleeping schedule can be tricky. 

It’s hard to find an affordable, effective mattress that is efficient in results. If you have been in the market for one recently, the top leading brands that cater to this would be Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses. 

But how do you know which one is best for you? Sleeping Duck vs. Koala Mattress which is truly the best? Here, we will compare and contrast Koala and Sleeping Ducks’ features, cover their pricing, firmness, softness. and comfortability to give you an idea of which brand mattress is the best fit for you. 

Koala Pricing: 

  • Single – $750 (+up to 30% off )
  • King Single – $880 (+up to 30% off )
  • Double – $1,000 (+up to 30% )
  • Queen – $1,050 (+up to 30% off )
  • King – $1,250 (+up to 30% off )

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing 

When picking out a mattress for yourself, it’s essential to figure out what brand will suit you better. There are numerous options to choose from, so it’s hard to determine which one is beneficial in terms of comfort and if it is the best selection to pick. Below, we will briefly provide background on both Koala and Sleeping Duck brand mattresses.

What Is Koala Mattress? 

Founded in 2015 by Mitch Taylor and Dany Milham, Koala Mattress is one of Australia’s top mattress firms, with countless five-star reviews. Koala aims to pinpoint what creates pain when sleeping on mattresses to utilize their tools to make a comfortably soft yet firm mattress. 

Their products are made from scratch and with environmentally friendly high-quality materials, never settling on quality and comfort for sales. Koala’s goal is to save endangered animals such as bears, turtles, and especially koalas, which is their company name. 

What Is Sleeping Duck? 

Sleeping Duck is a mattress firm founded a year earlier, 2014, than Koala. Created by Selvam Sinnappan and Winston Wijeyeratne, this company strives to create the ideal mattress that suits the customer’s needs. Getting their start on Shark Tank, these entrepreneurs utilize aerospace technology when it comes to the materials for their products. 

Like Koala, Sleeping Duck Mattress firm was given a ‘Good Design’ award. Not only did it receive this award, but it also won a ‘CHOICE’ award for about three years since its establishment. 

Construction and Materials 

Even if all mattresses look similar to each other, they often differ from another when it comes to how they are made and the materials that make up the product. In this case, the only factor that both Sleeping Duck and Koala mattresses are similar is that both have certified Good Environmental Choice Australia approved foam (GECA). 

Koala Mattress 

Koala Mattress is comprised of two layers: Kloudcell foam and NoPressure Adaptive Core. Kloudcell foam is the top layer for the mattress. Kloudcell foam is used as a latex and memory foam, and the mattress is double-sided so that you can adjust the firmness to your liking. It has an equal balance of comfort and softness yet is firm, so you do not sink into the mattress itself. 

The second layer, which is the Adaptive Core, acts as one of the foundations of the mattress. This layer adds durability and helps minimize disturbance when sleeping. It also supports and efficiently aligns your shoulders, spine, and hips. Not only that, but it also helps in cooling off your body on hot nights. 

The third and final layer of the mattress serves as a cover for the last two. The cover layers are a soft, breathable, and anti-microbial material of high-quality Tencel fiber matter. It has a standard white, smooth top and firm side panels. However, this cover layer is easily removable, perfect for when you have to wash it. 

The overall weight and thickness of the Koala are the typical standard compared to other mattresses. This mattress weighs about 35.3 kilograms, height of 25cm, and is lightweight, making it easy to carry. However, even though the mattress is light, it is suggested to acquire extra help when maneuvering it to your room.

Weight, Size, Dimensions of Koala

  • Queen 203 x 153 x 23cm 35.43 (kg)
  • Single 188 x 92 x 23cm 20.47 (kg)
  • King Single 203 x 107 x 23cm 25.25 (kg)
  • Double 188 x 138 x 23cm 29.98 (kg)
  • King 203 x 183 x 23cm 42.04 (kg)

Sleeping Duck 

Like the Koala, the Sleeping Duck Mattress has about three layers, with the first two being essential for a good night’s sleep. However, it does have an extra layer for much-added support. The first layer would be the AntiGravity foam, which acts as the mattress’s top layer. This layer is equipped with open cells, creating breathable cooling effects. Unlike Koala, it is not built with latex or memory foam, but it makes up for when it comes to breathability, pressure relief, buoyancy, and responsiveness. 

The second layer of the Sleeping Duck Mattress would be the Precision Firmness Pads. This is the layer that you can customize and adjust the firmness. There are two options: if you want a firm mattress, you can choose the dense one, or if your preference is medium firmness, the more absorbent one is the best option for you. 

Having a rather technological nickname, the third layer of the Sleeping Duck Mattress is called the Motherboard. This layer serves as the support layer, consisting of individually wrapped or boxed springs. 

The Motherboard is a five-zone layer, which means it’s a 100% latex-free foam mattress that focuses on pressure redistribution and shear reduction. It helps minimize sleep disturbance as the springs adjust to your body.

The fourth and final layer of the mattress is called the BreatheTech Cover. This layer, made out of bamboo, is built to protect against microbes naturally. As an aesthetic bonus, its physical stitching traits resemble a motherboard pattern, also providing cooling throughout the entire mattress. This fourth layer cover can also be washable and easily removed.

Sleeping Duck’s weight and thickness differ from that of Koala’s. The weight of Sleeping Duck’s mattress is about 24 kilograms and 30 centimeters thick. However, the mattress’s weight and thickness vary depending on your size. Since it’s a heavier mattress, it does come compressed upon delivery, but extra help is required to move it into your room. 

Weight, Size, and Dimensions of Sleeping Duck 

  • Queen 203 x 153 x 30cm 48 (kg)
  • Single 188 x 92 x 30cm 32 (kg)
  • King Single 188 x 92 x 30cm 35 (kg)
  • Double 188 x 138 x 30cm 42 (kg)
  • King 203 x 183 x 30cm 60 (kg)

Pricing and Value Comparison 

It’s essential to find a mattress that will bring comfort to sleeping and find one that’s within your budget. There is often a search for high-quality at a fair price, and with both Koala and Sleeping Duck in mind, they offer this for their product. 

However, in this case, the better option would be Koala, whose cheapest mattress is $650 than Sleeping Duck, whose most affordable mattress is close to $1,000.

Size and Price of Koala Mattress

  • Queen $650
  • Single $780
  • King Single $900
  • Double $950
  • King $1,150

Size and Price of Sleeping Duck 

  • Queen $999
  • Single $1,099
  • King Single $1,349
  • Double $1,649
  • King $1,999

Trial Periods and Warranty Review 

Of course, even though both Sleeping Duck and Koala Mattresses vary in pricing, they luckily offer a substantial trial period to test the product. Koala exceeding over 100 nights with 20 extra to spare. This trial period will give you a long while to try the mattress to ensure it’s the right one for you. One of the other beneficial factors is that both of these mattresses do not charge or have fees for returns. 

Shipping, Trial Period, and Warranty for Koala

Koala Mattress is the leading contender with its offer of 120 nights for their trial period, and you do not have to worry about any hidden exchanges or fees for returns. Not only that, but Koala also offers a 10-year warranty, so you do not have to worry about paying for repairs or adjustments. For shipping, it provides Free-Australia wide delivery. 

Shipping, Trial Period, and Warrant for Sleeping Duck 

Sleeping Duck Mattress has a slightly lower offer for their trial period as theirs is only 100 nights risk-free. However, they provide free firmness module adjustments to try out during the trial so that way you have plenty of time to experiment around to find your preference. 

Like Koala Mattress, Sleeping Duck also offers a 10-year warranty, so it provides a safeguard cushion if something should happen to the product itself or if it starts to whether due to its frequent usage. 

Comfort and Firmness Level 

When looking for a mattress, the essential factors would be comfort and firmness level. For Koala, it achieves the balance of both soft and firm with its two foam construction. As for Sleeping Duck, it provides an adjustment factor to tune the firmness to your needs. 

Comfort and Firmness for Koala Mattress

Unlike Sleeping Duck, Koala has only one firmness option to choose from. However, the mattress’s default setting is about 6.1 firmness, so it’s not too firm but not too soft, making for a balanced level of comfort and firmness. This balance of comfort and firmness is for any sleep type, whether front or back, but not suitable for those who are heavy sleepers who might sink into the Kloudcell foam. 

Comfort and Firmness for Sleeping Duck 

Sleeping Duck, unlike Koala, offers the ability to customize your mattress to cater to your level of firmness. Its layers can help support your joints, hips, shoulders, and head. The level of firmness doesn’t have to be the same. You can choose either firmness on one side or medium on the other. About three firmness levels start off for their foam variations.

Sinkage, Bounce, Edge Support, Motion Isolation

When buying your mattress, there are factors to consider when thinking about comfort. Several would include sinkage, bounce, edge support, and motion isolation. Here, we will compare and contrast these Koala and Sleeping Duck Mattresses. 

Sinkage and Bounce

Having a balance of both firmness and softness, the Koala has minimal to no sinkage or bounce, creating a sturdy yet soft surface with its Kloudfoam top layer and the support of the Ecofoam one. It’s relatively standard for a basic mattress feel. However, for Sleeping Duck, the amount of sinkage or bounce depends on how you customize your mattress and your level of firmness. 

Edge Support 

Sleeping Duck comes out strong in this department as it’s equipped with steel gauge coil springs, strengthening the mattress’s support. Unfortunately, Koala doesn’t have this feature as it does have a standard level of sturdiness; its mattress lacks edge support.

Motion Isolation 

Luckily, Sleeping Duck and Koala have strong motion isolation features for their mattresses. However, with Koala’s multi foam layer construction, with Eco foam included, Sleeping Duck falls short of this as it creates motion transfer upon movement. Though this is leveled by their pocket springs, this issue would be minor and not as critical to consider. 

Compare and Contrast Mattress

Here is an overview of the similarities and differences between the two mattresses: 


  • Both have 10-year warranties.
  • Both offer a generous trial period of 100-120 nights. 
  • Both have an equal balance of softness and firmness.


  • Sleeping Duck has a customizable mattress for firmness.
  • Sleeping duck has a bamboo cover; Koala has a Tencel one.
  • Koala specializes in environmentally friendly products in support of endangered animals.

Final Thoughts 

Though Sleeping Duck and Koala have different features and adjustments, they are equal in sleeping comfort. However, if you are looking for a reasonably cheaper option, Koala is the best candidate. If you are looking for more high quality, Sleeping Duck Mattress might be the one for you as it features more add-ons and specifically targets pain points, unlike Koala. Overall, we hope this guide gives you an idea of which mattress is best for you.

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