Best Adjustable Beds in Australia 2024

Dr Willis Gatch invented the adjustable bed over a century ago to aid the healing process for surgical patients. In the modern world, adjustable beds exist outside elderly care facilities and hospitals. 

They provide a wide range of health benefits because they are ergonomic, customisable, and more comfortable to sleep on than traditional beds. Finding the perfect spinal support is as easy as pressing a button.

Read on to find our list of the six best adjustable beds in Australia, and how they can help you feel well and relaxed. 

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

While a good sleep schedule is necessary for a healthy life, a great sleep schedule helps you thrive and excel physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

It might surprise you to learn how much sleeping on an adjustable bed can contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. 

Here are just a few of the health benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed.

Reduces Swelling

Several conditions cause your legs to swell due to fluid retention. The medical term for this is oedema, though it was once called dropsy. 

Pregnancy, leg injuries, and certain medications can cause oedema. An adjustable bed allows those suffering from leg swelling to elevate their legs at night. 

Elevation allows the excess fluid to drain and decreases swelling and discomfort in the legs, ankles, and feet. 

Helps Improve Digestion

Though eating around bedtime is not the healthiest behaviour, many of us are guilty of it from time to time. 

Lying down flat on a traditional mattress after eating can interrupt digestion processes. 

Interrupting digestion can cause food to come back up easier and lead to indigestion and heartburn. These are classic symptoms of acid reflux. 

Resting in an elevated position helps to prevent acid reflux. It also helps your digestive system do its job most efficiently. 

Reduces Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Estimates show that one in ten Australians suffer from sleep apnea. This common health issue manifests in abnormal breathing patterns during sleep. 

Someone with sleep apnea will experience stops and starts in their breathing throughout the night. Sleep apnea can be dangerous, but an adjustable bed allows relief through elevated sleep positions. 

These positions limit pressure on your windpipe and sinuses. It also enhanced air circulation. Collectively this helps reduce sleep apnea symptoms. 

Increase Circulation

When we lay down to sleep, our blood pressure levels drop. Low blood pressure can result in tingling, numbness, and pain in your legs upon waking. 

Adjustable beds keep your legs elevated and increase blood flow to enhance circulation. Enhanced circulation ensures you will not wake up with uncomfortable pins and needles in your extremities. 

Prevent and Ease Back Pain

Around 4 million Australians suffer from back problems that make it hard to get adequate rest. Adjustable beds help ease back pain and even prevent it before it begins. 

Using the zero-gravity angle on an adjustable bed can help minimise stress on your spine. Sleeping in a reclined position can also help ease tension on your back and relieve pain so you can sleep. 

The Best Adjustable Beds in Australia 

An adjustable bed could fix all your sleep issues. Or maybe you just want to experience an insanely comfortable bed?  

Whatever your reasons, quality adjustable beds are abundant on the Australian market.

The large selection can make choosing the model for you feel stressful and intimidating.

We have compiled this handy list of the best adjustable beds in Australia for 2022 to help you take your first step towards better sleep and optimal comfort. 

1. Peace Lily Adjustable Bed 

The Peaceliliy adjustable bed earns its spot at the top of the list for many reasons. 

This adjustable bed offers unlimited full-body adjustment thanks to its six adjustable positions. You can adjust it to settings like acid reflux, zero gravity, flat, reading, TV, and anti-snore. 

The anti-snore position supports your neck and elevates your head so your breathing is unrestricted. The acid-reflux position gently lifts the upper body and helps reduce heartburn symptoms. 

There are nine different head and foot massage settings with various pulse speeds and intensities so you can relieve any aches and pains with ease. 

The Peacelily is made from organic cotton and latex so you never have to worry about toxic or synthetic materials that can cause chemical odours and skin irritation. 

This adjustable bed includes a two-year limited warranty, but you can extend the warranty length with additional payment options. 

2. Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Onebed is the perfect adjustable bed for those who don’t want to spend too much but still want to enjoy quality features and impressive craftsmanship. 

You have a variety of options available to position the bed to help you fall asleep in no time and stay asleep longer. 

There is a helpful anti-snore position for those with partners that have a distracting snoring problem. You can both get better sleep and leave the restless nights behind you for good. 

You can also try Onebed’s zero-gravity mode using your remote control. This helps reduce and even eliminate back pain at the click of a button. 

Onebed is backed by an impressive five-year warranty. Unfortunately, it is severely lacking in under-bed space compared to other models on this list. 

3. AH Beard Adjustable Bed Frame

Another one of the best adjustable beds in Australia, the AH Beard adjustable bed provides intense ergonomic relief through eh use of a wireless remote. 

You can choose from four preset sleep positions with the AH Beard. There’s TV, quiet sleep, flat, and zero gravity.

This adjustable bed also offers a massage feature that soothes pressure points so you can relax and fall asleep faster. There is a vibration timer that will automatically shut off the vibrations at ten, twenty and thirty-minute intervals. 

AH Beard adjustable beds come equipped with floor strip lighting and under-bed lighting so you have light whenever you need it. This adjustable bed also features convenient high-tech features like Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. 

 An impressive ten-year warranty seals the deal for any savvy buyer. This is one of the most generous warranties on the adjustable bed market today. 

4. Better Sleep Adjustable Bed

The Better Sleep adjustable bed has a sturdy design with lots of under-bed storage and an eye-catching modern design. 

With one touch you can cycle through pre-set sleep positions or you can customise positions for the most comfortable sleep of your life. Each side of the Better Sleep bed is adjustable so it is perfect for couples. 

This adjustable bed also offers massage vibration therapy with three different intensities and an adjustable sleep timer. It has a wireless remote with a user-friendly interface and lots of built-in features. 

The Better Sleep adjustable bed has no lighting options but it does have a ten-year warranty and a hundred-night sleep trial. With Better Sleep you can be sure you are choosing the perfect adjustable bed for you. 

5. Reverie 9T Wireless Electric Adjustable Bed Base

If you want an adjustable bed that is highly customisable and functional, then look no further. The Reverie 9T has a wireless remote with an OLED display that allows you to enjoy the bed’s many functions with the touch of a button. 

You can choose from three preset positions, but there are also two memory slots for custom positions you can save. 

For even more convenience you can control the Reverie adjustable bed on your mobile devices through the nightstand app. 

The Reverie also has a relaxing 3D wave massage option that is whisper quiet and won’t wake you in the night. It comes with a five-year limited warranty as well so you can assure this is the right adjustable bed for you.

6. Raffia Adjustable Bed

The final addition to our list of the best adjustable beds in Australia is the Raffia adjustable bed frame. This model is a reliable bed that provides maximum comfort and support at a great price point. 

The Raffia’s flat steel frame is sturdy and robust so you can rely on solid support every single night.

It boasts a removable jacquard cover to create better traction between your mattress and the bed’s steel frame. The cover stops your mattress from slipping during the night so you aren’t disturbed. 

The Raffia also comes equipped with USB ports for added convenience and an enviable five-year warranty for consumer peace of mind.  

Adjustable Bed Buyer’s Guide

While we have compiled a list of the industry’s best adjustable beds in 2022, choosing one for yourself can still be a difficult task. No one wants to spend all their hard-earned money on a disappointing product. 

Learning the best adjustable bed brands is only the first step. A savvy consumer should also be familiar with the features that make each adjustable bed unique. 

To better help you on your search for the right adjustable bed, we have included this abbreviated buyer’s guide for curious readers that want to know more about buying the perfect bed.

Be sure to prioritize the features that best fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


Longevity is always an important factor to consider when buying a new bed. A bed should be a small investment in yourself, and the more money you spend the more it should benefit your life. 

Any bed that is made of sub-par materials will not stand the test of time. Stainless steel is an example of a more robust material that ensures a long lifespan for your adjustable bed. 

Caps and covers on the bed’s legs can also provide better protection for the bed frame and ensure it lasts for years and years. 


The warranty periods on adjustable beds will differ from brand to brand. Be sure to check the specific warranty details for any bed you buy. Many customers ignore warranty details to their detriment. 

Warranties for adjustable beds can be tricky sometimes considering that the warranty periods tend to differ from those of regular beds. Warranty periods might differ based on electric versus nonelectric components as well. 

Noise Level

While an electric adjustable bed frame provides many benefits, no one wants to deal with obnoxious machine noises when they are trying to get some rest. 

Many adjustable bed brands offer noiseless or whisper-quiet technology so light sleepers won’t suffer, but some might be loud and distracting. 

Weight Capacity 

Adjustable beds all have different weight limits that vary from bed to bed. 

You should be aware of the total weight of you, your partner, and your mattress before buying your adjustable bed frame. 

If this total weight is higher than the model’s threshold, this is not the right adjustable bed for you. That is unless you want the bed frame to fall apart on the first night!


Many of the best adjustable beds in Australia are very easy to assemble. Some products can be assembled in mere minutes! 

Even so, there are still some of us who prefer not to assemble a bed at all. Certain services offer white glove delivery and assembly for a fee.

Certain adjustable bed companies even offer white glove delivery for their products, but be sure to check the brand’s official website for further details.

Choice of Mattress

Luckily you don’t have to buy a specialty mattress for your ned adjustable bed. Modern adjustable beds are compatible with a wide variety of different mattresses so you don’t’ have to worry. 

Generally, you can use the mattress you have now if you are happy with it. As long as your adjustable bed frame meets the correct size dimensions for the mattress everything should go smoothly. 

Innerspring, latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses can all be placed atop an adjustable base, but only hybrid, foam, and latex mattresses with individually wrapped coils are flexible enough to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still find yourself with questions about the best adjustable beds in Australia, you are not alone. 

We have included an FAQ section to cover some of the most common questions about adjustable beds from consumers just like you so you can be fully prepared to choose your perfect bed. 

Do Adjustable Beds in Australia Have Trial Periods?

Some adjustable bed brands do offer trial periods for their beds, but the majority do not. 

Brands that do offer a sleep trial usually have certain conditions and terms you should read closely before making a purchase. 

Some come with hefty return fees so it is important to be familiar with the small print. 

How Do You Assemble an Adjustable Bed?

No two adjustable bed brands will have the same assembly process. As mentioned earlier, most of these beds are easy to assemble without much hassle. 

There should be easy-to-read instructions included with every adjustable bed purchase and the assembly process generally takes very little time and effort to complete.

If you have assembly issues, it’s best to contact your adjustable bed company’s customer care team. You can also find tutorials online via sites like Youtube. 

What Kind of Bedding Should I Use for My Adjustable Bed?

Since adjustable beds recline and lift for your comfort, finding the right bedding can be a hassle if it doesn’t fit correctly or doesn’t stay put. 

You can prevent this headache by checking the pocket depth of your chosen bed sheets. Pocket depth determines how big a mattress the bedding can cover effectively. 

You can also purchase bedding specifically made for adjustable mattresses to make it easier. 

Once you have found the right bedding be sure the corners are tucked neatly beneath the corners of the mattress. There are also corner straps available and products like sheet suspenders that can help. 

Your Final Takeaways

Now that you have seen our list of the best adjustable beds in Australia, we hope that this list helped you choose the perfect adjustable bed for you. 

Our winner is the Peace Lily Adjustable bed.

When you choose an adjustable bed you can experience lots of health benefits and the most comfortable night’s sleep of your life. Once you make the switch, you will wonder what took you so long in the first place!

If you do your research and know what features are most important to you, you could be one informed purchase away from owning our very own adjustable bed. 

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