How to Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow

Let’s face it; we use our pillows too often that they tend to accumulate dust and dust mites. That being the case, we all wish to sleep on a spotless clean pillow. However, to clean your pillow, you need to have the proper techniques so that you don’t interfere with the pillow’s quality. 

In this post, we’ll explore beneficial techniques you can use to ensure your foam pillow is spotlessly clean. Let’s dive straight into it. 

Tips to Keep Your Memory Foam Pillow Clean

1. Use A Pillow Cover

If you have any allergic reaction or like to sleep facing your pillow, you constantly have to change your pillowcase. Similarly, changing your pillowcase will ensure your pillow’s foam stays fresh.

A pillow cover will also ensure that skin cells and dust will not affect the pillow as the pillow case will protect it. Many foam pillows have a detachable pillow cover that you can constantly clean to guarantee your health. 

Similarly, securing a standard pillowcase rather than a pillow foam one will ensure your hygiene is catered for while still matching the pillow with your room’s aesthetic look. 

2. Consider The Material Of The Pillow

Since memory foam comes with a different material from what we’ve been used to as our traditional pillows, it has to be maintained differently. 

It comes with quite a dense structure which sometimes facilitates the propagation and growth of dust mites. However, dust mites and other microorganisms can hold on to the pillow’s exterior. That means you’ll need to sanitise the pillow’s exterior to avoid inconveniencing situations constantly. 

3. Avoid Using A Washing Machine To Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow 

A washer isn’t a great alternative when you don’t want to traditionally clean your foam pillow as the machine will weaken or tear into the pillow. This will eventually affect the pillow’s lifespan, ranging from 18-36 months. 

How to Clean Your Pillow

1. Spot Cleaning

If you notice your pillow has a significant amount of stain, you can spot clean it instead of throwing it in the washer. And even as you do so, Id suggests you go for mild detergents so that you don’t interfere with the foam pillow. 

However, dealing with tough stains, urine, blood, and wine might require an improved strategy. You’ll have to try out hydrogen peroxide to lose the stains and, later on, clean cloth to ensure you’ve fully managed the stains.  

The idea is that you don’t spoil the pillow while trying to clean it. That’s why using mild detergents is highly significant in removing sturdy stains while considering your pillow’s look and quality. 

2. Regular Cleaning

The best-recommended way to clean foam pillows is by using a quality vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can use baking soda to get rid of the stains. 

You’ll need to clean your pillow more often to avoid getting to extreme dirt and stain conditions. You’ll need to sprinkle baking soda on the pillow the let it stay there for around 30 minutes. Then, you can take your vacuum cleaner to finalise the cleaning work. 

3. Deep Cleaning

There are extreme circumstances that call for the extreme measure. It might be that your pillow has soaked up the stain, so the only method to use is deep cleaning. Even so, you’ll still need to be careful while implementing the whole process since if you squeeze water from the pillow rapidly, you’ll interfere with the quality. That’s why spot cleaning regularly is your best bet. 

Clean Pillow Offer A Good Sleep

Theres no more satisfying feeling than resting at night, knowing you’re lying on a spotless clean pillow. That’s why you must constantly clean your pillow correctly, even if it’s regular and spot cleaning. Cleaning also ensures you remove existing pathogens. 

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