how to clean latex memory foam pillows

You may not know it, but your latex or memory foam pillow is constantly in contact with a variety of substances. From time to time these items come into contact with each other and can stain the material over an extended period if left untreated for too long! Cosmetics such as foundation will often get stuck on top causing stains that are difficult (or sometimes impossible)to remove; chemicals from various products might fade away at crucial areas where they contacted due color loss caused by exposure–leavingyou looking like you’ve had more thanone cup o steeped coffee!–and even combinations oftology absorb odours.

If you’re noticing that your pillows are looking worse for wear, there’s still hope! With these tips to get rid of the old smells and stains on them. You’ll be able rejuvenate those old friends with a new lease on life – ready (and sniffing) fresh from head-topper
Bones heal when they break; heads roll around happily ever after… unless someone spills something down both sides while making themselves at home inside someone else’s body where anything can happen 😉

Memory foam pillows are an excellent way to get the perfectnight’s sleep. But, as with anything that is new and different you’ll want some protection for your investment so make sure when purchasing one of these items they come equipped not only with a pillow protector but also covers!

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