Four of the Best Air Mattresses in Australia

Although they might not be as popular in other parts of the world, in Australia, a blow-up mattress is a great thing to have at your disposal.
Maybe you need to accommodate friends or family who are coming to stay with you for a while. Or perhaps you are going camping and want to use it instead of a sleeping bag.
You might even be heading off to a music festival and need it for your weekend away. While those with pressure injuries may just require it for pain relief.
Whatever your reasons for getting one, air mattresses do come in very handy. But with so many different brands available on the market it can be difficult to know which one to buy.
That is why we have put this handy guide together for four of the best air mattresses in Australia.
Buy any of these and you are sure to be in for a very good night’s sleep.

How the mattresses been selected
Before selecting these top four recommended mattresses, a long list of all the air mattress brands in Australia was drawn up through online research.
Once this long list was created, all of the manufacturer’s websites were visited, whereupon a number of factors were collated.
This included the likes of price, size, weight, comfort and durability. As well as length of time it took to inflate and how long it remained inflated for.
Once these factors were determined, real, honest and independent consumer reviews were examined, to find out what Australians really thought of the beds they purchased.
Finally, the mattresses were split up into five categories. These included the overall best air mattress, the best single camping air bed, the best air mattress for camping, the easiest to use and the best budget air mattress.
The statistical data derived from these reviews formed the basis of the recommendations below.

Best air mattresses in Australia

Hikenture Ultralight Sleeping Mat – (Best Single Camping Air Bed)
If you are looking for an affordable, yet good quality camping air bed that you want to take with you on your outdoor adventures, then the Hikenture Ultralight Sleeping Mat could well be for you.
Perfect for when you want to do a spot of hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, but and you don’t want to sleep on hard, rocky or uncomfortable ground, this air mattress is very light, waterproof and easy to inflate.
It is also very compact. So compact infact that you may even forget you have packed it!
The thick cells within the air bed limit movement, while the valve has been cleverly designed to ensure the air gets locked inside.
This provides the inflatable mattress with a toughness and durability, which will not only stand up to heavy duty use, but also ensure you do not feel the discomfort of rocks or debris underneath you.
For your own peace of mind, the product also comes with an unconditional one-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Coleman all terrain airbed (best for camping)
While their standard air bed is still pretty good, especially for home use, the Coleman queen-sized all-terrain airbed is exceptional for camping!
Manufactured with puncture guard bonded fabric, the mattress is not only softer, but also more durable. Thus, ensuring you get a great night’s sleep even in the most unforgiving of Aussie landscapes.
Compared to Coleman’s standard queen size air bed, the all-terrain series is roughly 47% more puncture resistant. It is also 30% lighter and 25% more stretch resistant.
This means it is very good for sleeping on rough ground, as well as carrying around hilly or forested locations whilst hiking. It can also take a bit of extra air too just in case you weren’t paying full attention whilst you were pumping.
To ensure it is leak-free this all-terrain Coleman air mattress is rigorously factory-tested. It also comes with a valve that is dual sealed and features a rather ingenious wrap and roll system which has a built-in storage mechanism, where you simply fold and roll it before storing.
An extremely comfortable blow-up mattress to lay on, it features a cleverly designed coil construction which provides much better support and thus more superior comfort.
At 38cm, it’s total depth has a rather deluxe feel to it. Just be sure to check whether this dimension will fit into your tent or campervan before buying it though.
If you peruse its reviews, you will see that the overall level of customer satisfaction is high. With people not only using it for outdoor camping, but also to put up guests indoors when they need extra bed space.

Bestway Single Airbed (best budget air mattress)
If you are in the market for a budget air mattress, it’s hard to look past the Bestway Single Airbed.
Great for camping enthusiasts who want a decent quality single air mattress at a price that is more affordable to them, this blow-up mattress has a fast inflation and deflation valve screw that makes it very easy to set up or pack away.
It also has an excellent coil beam construction, which gives you fantastic weight distribution support as you sleep on it at night.
One of the key selling points of this mattress is that it comes with a built-in foot pump. It also features a heavy-duty repair patch and a built-in pillow. All of which tick the boxes of being easy to use, highly durable and very comfortable.

Eurobed Inflatable Mattress (Easiest To Use)
If you are looking for something that is really easy to use however, then look no further than the Eurobed queen-sized, luxury air mattress.
This fantastic portable bed is so easy to set up, it actually self-inflates!
All you need to do is unpack the mattress and wait 3 minutes while the extra-quick inflation motor fills it up with air – and just like that it is ready to sleep on.
After a good night’s kip when you want to deflate it, the motor will do this for you too in the same amount of time.
It is a great solution for camping, or when a surprise guest comes over, while the bed is very comfortable to lay on too.

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