Australia’s Best Pillows of 2024

At a time, everyone used the same soft pillow to sleep on. Then, it was discovered that Australians need to modify bedding to achieve neutral spine alignment. Essentially, a pillow must assist you in getting into the proper position for sleep, keeping your neck supported and parallel to the bed so that your back may unwind.

Forgetting the ideal cushion in the vast Online market, this guide has compiled a list of Australia’s top pillows. It has sorted them according to how easily they could be washed, how well they worked for different sleeping postures, and the materials they were made of. There are many discoveries of various exciting businesses from Australia and abroad.

Whether you like to rest on your stomach, back, or side, this article covers you. The post has outlined the top pillows in Australia. Let’s get started with the best overall pillow in 2022. 

1. Somnio/ Sooma Clean Memory


  • Dimensions: 59 cm x 41 cm (15 or 12 cm height option)
  • Filling: Memory Foam
  • Outer Cover: Breathable cover
  • Sleep Trial: 100 days
  • Price range: $69 to $79

Memory foam pillows are popular these days. They uniformly distribute the weight and support the head and neck, easing discomfort and stiffness. Soft memory foam in the Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow by Sommuto alleviates this discomfort. To accommodate various sleeping habits, it has a high and low profile.

The Sooma pillow is 12 cm thick and has a low loft ideal for back and belly sleepers. It might not be thick enough for persons with big bodies to feel comfortable. It helps with blood flow, is soft, and is simple to wash at home.

In contrast, the Somnio model has a 15 cm high profile, making it suited for back and back sleepers. Both offer adjustable support, medical-grade anti-decubitus pressure relief, hypoallergenic qualities, and an innovative temperature-regulating design with molded construction.

Whether you choose low Sooma or high Somnio, the price varies from $69 to $99.  There is a 100-night free trial included with the free shipping. You have a year to return the item if it is defective, and a 10-year warranty is included against artistry flaws.

Final Verdict

These pillows are adaptable from the start and are available in two heights to accommodate a variety of sleepers. 

If you are just beginning to learn about memory foam pillows, they are also a wise starting place. They have the most excellent warranty policies, are breathable, and are resistant to allergies.

2. The Sleep Republic Pillow


  • Dimensions: 40 x 60 x 10 cm
  • Filling: CertiPUR-US certified foamAIR polyurethane
  • Outer Cover: TENCEL™ fabric cover
  • Sleep Trial: 100 days
  • Warranty: 6 years on foam core
  • Price range: $130

Have you ever woken up with a painful back after sleeping on your stomach? For this position, you need head support with a low loft, and The Sleep Republic Pillow is an excellent option to consider.

The product’s unique foamAIR polyurethane substance gives it a squishy feel. This creates a sleeping environment that seems like a cloud while being breathable for warm sleepers and durable to provide support. The cover is composed of TENCELTM. It is gentle, moisture-wicking, detachable, and simple to clean.

The cushion has a traditional shape and measures 60x40x10 cm so that you may put it in a lovely case. Each one costs $130 and comes with a 6-year warranty on the foam core and a 100-night trial period.

Final Verdict

Because of its low loft, it may be the most excellent pillow for sleeping on your stomach. Aussies will also like that it is developed and produced in Australia and approved for content, durability, and emissions. Simply said, the resources come from sustainable natural sources.

3. Sleeping Duck Pillow


  • Dimensions: 40 x 60 x 9.5cm
  • Filling: Custom Hyper-Adaptive™ foam
  • Outer Cover: Breathable fabric cover
  • Sleep Trial: 100 days
  • Price range: $120

All you hot sleepers in Australia, it’s time to cool off. The most delicate cooling cushion we discovered during our research is the Sleeping Duck Pillow. That is due to the Hyper-AdaptiveTM foam in addition to latex. The foam is eight times more absorbent than the typical latex and memory foam blends, allowing your pillow to breathe and chill off.

 With this hybrid form, you can enjoy both the comfort of a firm mother’s lap and the lightness of a cloud. You’ll feel the weightlessness and support of latex while feeling the pressure alleviation provided by memory foam.

Although it works well for side sleepers, it is also comfortable for back and stomach sleepers.

For $120, you will buy a Sleeping Duck Pillow measuring 60cmx40cmx9.5cm.

Final verdict

There are many reasons why we adore Sleeping Duck Pillow. It has several uses, and it is soft but firm, thin but fluffy, well-made, and soft. The fact that they expand their foam utilizing pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions is laudable because it makes your pillow safer and healthier to sleep on.

4. Downtime Luxury


  • Dimensions: 48cm x 74 cm
  • Filling: 800GSM High Loft Polyester
  • Outer Cover: 375TC Cotton Sateen
  • Machine Washable
  • Returns: 60/90 days
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Price range: $70

If you sleep on your side, you should choose a pillow with a high loft and greater firmness to keep your neck and back aligned and well supported. For sleepers like you, we propose the Downtime Luxury High Loft Pillow. We selected this headrest because of its novel 800GSM high loft polyester fiber filling, which adds softness while maintaining the form.

This cushion is 74cm x 48cm and is coated with hypoallergenic Ultra Fresh Protection. In addition, because of its polyester composition, home cleaning is accessible in all seasons.

The bed gear has a luxurious feel comparable to a high-end hotel thanks to the 375-thread count cotton sateen casing.

The pillow’s sole drawback is that it cannot be returned, but it’s nice to know that it has a 5-year warranty and is reasonably priced at about $70.

Final Verdict

If you like to sleep on your side, you want softness with good neck support before dozing off, and this pillow is the one for you. It’s simple to maintain, so you’ll want to get extra of it for the armrest while traveling. The polyester filling, however, can be a little too warm for certain people who sleep hot.

5. Downtime Opulence


  • Dimensions: 45cm x 70cm
  • Filling: White Goose Feather & Down
  • Outer Cover: 450TC Cotton Sateen
  • Dry clean only
  • Returns: 60/90 days
  • Price range: $199

It makes sense that lovers of conventional pillows always lean downward. For instance, you may easily mold your pillows into a particular shape if you wish to cuddle them. They offer practical support while being lightweight and comfortable. If this is your first significant pillow purchase, go with the Downtime Opulence Standard Pillow.

With a feather core encased in a 450-thread soft cotton sateen shell, the white goose provides excellent support for your weary body.

The top product has been accorded the Responsible Down Standard seal of approval, and all that is needed to keep the pillow puffy is the periodic airing.

This magnificent addition is 70 cm by 45 cm in size and starts at roughly $200. If there is a problem with the goods, or if you eventually decide that you are not interested in them, you are covered by the 60-day refund guarantee.

Final verdict

The Downtime Opulence Standard Pillow perfectly meets the necessity for a high thread count in down pillows to keep feathers inside and dust mites outside. The product is solid but soft, and you may further customize it by fluffing it to the desired level. Additionally, it offers exceptional neck and back support.

We must warn you, nevertheless, that you might want to use a different pillow if you are allergic or sweat during sleep. The fact that it is made of durable natural materials will adequately compensate for its high cost.

6. Ecosa Pillow


  • Dimensions: 38cm x 56cm (Adjustable height – 10 cm to 13 cm)
  • Filling: Activated Charcoal Memory Foam
  • Outer Cover: Breathable cover
  • Sleep Trial: 100 days
  • Warranty: 100 days
  • Price range: $120

It is advised to follow your doctor’s instructions while dealing with neck issues. If you’ve previously done it, you should be aware that one option may be a memory foam pillow since it cradles the head and supports your neck throughout the night, which the Ecosa Pillow does well.

Height-adjustability is its main selling point. The headrest has two elevation cushions since it is made to accommodate various shoulder alignments. 

It also verifies that all hygienic standards are met. The cushion comprises memory foam with activated charcoal, preventing bacteria and odor from growing. It took the business two years to develop the porous 3D construction that prevents moisture buildup for warm side sleepers. A detachable, machine-washable cover is also included.

The cost of the Ecosa Pillow ranges from $150 to $120, and its dimensions are 56 cm by 38 cm. This bundle includes a 100-night trial period and a warranty. Additionally, you may return the item and request a refund while the cushion is donated if you’re not happy with it.

Final verdict

The Ecosa Pillow is a good option for people with aching necks. You’ll also like that it maintains the shape all night long and is breathable and comfortable to sleep on. Additionally, you receive two compression packs from trips with your favorite Aussie companion because the brand understands how vital a cushion is.

7. Koala Pillow


  • Dimensions (cm): L 74 x W 40.5 x H 15.5
  • Firmness: Hybrid (Soft/Firm)
  • Filling: 100% Polyurethane Gel Foam
  • Outer Cover: 66% polyester and 34% TENCEL™ Lyocell
  • Frame: Victorian Ash hardwood
  • Sleep trial: 120 days
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Price range: $150

Koala Pillow may be the ideal embracing companion for you if you are the type of person who goes to sleep on one side, switches to their back, and wakes up on their stomach.

All sleeping postures may be accommodated by it. Its ultra-soft core, injected with polyurethane gel and the secret to its adaptability, constantly supports the neck while dissipating heat if you tend to become overheated while you sleep. All resting postures are more accessible because they have more challenging edges. The cushion has two sides, one soft and the other hard, so you may choose the one that best suits your mood.

Eucalyptus Lyocell and polyester are used to manufacture the cover, which absorbs moisture and is simple to machine-wash at home.

If you enjoy helping your community’s economy, be aware that Koala is an Australian company. It has a package size of 74 cm × 40.5 cm, weighs 1.78 kg and has a loft of 15.5 cm. Prices start at about $150, and you receive a 5-year guarantee and a 120-night trial.

Final verdict

Koala Pillow is loved by many because it is excellent, and you can sleep on it how cool it is naturally—knowing that you may test it for days and return it for free if you don’t like how the foam sinks give you peace of mind. Being associated with this company is also a source of pride because it is domestic and gives 1% of its annual revenues to environmental causes.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider When Investing In A Pillow

Your preferred sleeping position and the amount of sleep you get ultimately depend significantly on your pillow. Therefore, before setting the final price while looking for pillows, consider your sleeping posture, your allergies, whether you sleep cold or hot, and other variables.

Sleeping position

A pillow should support your preferred sleeping posture. Therefore adhere to this guideline:

  • A firm cushion that supports the head, neck, and shoulders is necessary if you want to sleep on your side. Your chin, neck, and chest should all be in a straight line.
  • You need a moderate support headpiece that accommodates the upper back’s natural curve if you like to sleep on your back.
  • Similarly, soft, thin cushions are necessary for stomach sleepers to prevent unnecessary back bending.

Pillow Construction

A pillow’s height, volume, texture, and overall size can significantly affect your preferred sleeping position.  Hence, bear these guidelines in mind:

  • The pillow’s height, while flat on the bed, is referred to as its loft. Lofts are categorized as low (about 7 cm), middle (7–12 cm), and high (above 12cm). It has been discovered that side sleepers benefit most from complex, high pillows, whereas belly sleepers require a low, soft headrest.
  • A peaceful night also requires full power, or “fluffiness.” The down is superior and will insulate and offer support if the volume is significant, above 500. If it is less than 500, it most likely has sparse clusters of down and feathers vulnerable to harm. 
  • The pillow cover’s thread count determines the texture. To guarantee that the cotton covering is smooth, silky, resilient, more refined, and effective in fending off mites, dampness, or body oils, aim for a thread count above 230.
  • Because they are simple to handle and dress in a cover, people typically choose conventional sizes. People who frequently roll on their sides or prefer to sit in bed and study could benefit from more oversized pillows.


Don’t forget about your pillow’s inside; it should be flawless from the inside out.

  • The most affordable combination, which has a longer lifespan and provides excellent back support, is down and feather. But because it gets wet and is hard to clean, it isn’t generally advised for people with allergies or those who sleep hot. Additionally, it must be constantly fluffed because it occasionally loses its shape.
  • Foam is excellent if you want a hypoallergenic cushion; simple to wash and quiet.
  • Synthetic: Polyester or foam that has been shredded is excellent at keeping you cool while you sleep. They are also relatively solid and maintain their form throughout the night.
  • Additionally, several pillows on the market include buckwheat stuffing. They might be noisy even though they are a fantastic natural option. Others contain a lot of latex, which helps support you and keep you cool while you sleep but have an unpleasant fresh-from-the-factory odor.


You are already aware that synthetic fabrics are less difficult to wash when maintaining your pillow. Only brushing will work on foam, and only airing or dry cleaning will work on down pillows. 

A head support’s lifespan can be increased by spending money on a pillow protector. To eradicate dust mites, it is advised that you wash your bed linens in hot water or allow them to dry in the sun at least once per month.

Bottom Line

In Australia, there are several pillow alternatives available at different price levels. Just be sure to consider your preferences and sleeping pattern before deciding.

You are now prepared to spend wisely on a decent, new cushion. If you still need more persuasion, you should replace your pillow whenever you feel it is worn out.

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