6 of Australia’s best beds to buy for your kids

With so much choice available, shopping today for kid’s beds in Australia, is not as straightforward as it once might have been.

Long gone are the days when children were given the cheapest available bed to sleep on. Instead, with such a clear understanding of how important sleep is for a child’s brain and health development, manufacturers now offer a wide range of styles to suit your child’s personality, physique and interests.

These include everything from basic or minimalist styles that suit any theme of bedroom decor, to more practical offerings like bunk beds, or those which come with lots of storage options. You can even get children’s beds that incorporate the design of a car or teepee!

It is worth bearing in mind that children’s beds do not usually come with a mattress. So you will have to purchase them separately. But if you are looking for one of Australia’s best beds to buy for your kids, you can’t go wrong with any of the six options outlined below.

Koala Paddington Bed Base

If you are looking for a stylish bed base for your child’s room, then look no further than The Koala Paddington Bed Base. 

Featuring a ‘silver fox’ shade of fabric and a frame that is ‘natural ash’ in colour, this bed not only looks fantastic, it also assembles rather easily too. A trait that saw it win an award for good design.

The bed base is very solid and incorporates four ‘panel slats’ which keeps it sturdy. This also provides an even surface which can easily accommodate any mainstream style of mattress too.

The headboard comprises of soft padding, so it is very comfortable to sit against whilst reading. It is also pretty stable too, which is a real bonus.

All things considered, as an upscale option this is one of the best beds to buy for your kids. You will also get the peace of mind of a 120 night trial period, as well as a 5 year warranty too.

Approx Cost – $890

Stratford Bed

While the Stratford Bed is a more mid-range option than the Koala Paddington Bed Base, it is no less practical or modish.

Constructed out of rubber wood which has been mixed with MDF, this bed can comfortably fit a single size mattress. It also comes with three storage compartments. So it is an especially good bed to use in bedrooms where space is at a premium.

Conveniently, the doors to the storage compartment can be installed on either the left side, or the right side of the bed. Which makes it much easier to put games, toys or even clothes inside.

To further assist with organisation, the compartments are also fitted with two dividers. So you can neatly store different things in them.

Another key selling point of the Stratford Bed is that it has a weight capacity of around 90 kg, so it will accommodate most kids (or short adults!) of all shapes and sizes.

Approx Cost – $529

Chiropedic Bed Base

It is good to have options, but if you are searching for a reliable, more affordable and simple option then the Chiropedic Bed Base would be a very good choice for you.

A very functional children’s bed that will fit into any style of decor, this bed is made from solid timber. This makes it strong, robust and long lasting, which in turn represents a real value-for-money purchase.

The secret of its sturdiness is that, whilst most of Australia’s best kids bed bases comprise of between 10 to 12 slats, the Chiropedic Bed Base uses 14. This makes it ultra comfortable to sleep on pretty much any type of mattress.

Although its minimalist in style, it does come in a choice of black or grey colours. You will also get a 5 year manufacturers warranty if you decide to buy it.

Approx Cost – $379

Alexis Trundle Bed

Despite being marketed as a kids bed, the Alexis Trundle Bed can hold up to 150 kgs in weight!

This is because it uses solid pine timber which is not only stylish but also makes it very practical too.

Cleverly designed, this modern, attractive bed features a second bed underneath it. So it is perfect for when the kids have friends sleeping over.

This second bed neatly slides out when you need it, then easily slides back in once you have finished with it. Thus making it the ultimate space saver!

As it comes in a choice of grey or white, the bed can blend into any colour theme or style of bedroom your child has.

Approx Cost – $419

Mocka House Bed

Possessing a distinct Scandi style vibe, the Mocka House Bed is a really cool bed that would be the main showpiece of any kid’s bedroom.

Taking the form of a simple wooden frame that comes in the shape of a house, it even boasts a chimney too!

A key feature of this bed is that by day you can actually turn it into a sofa. So it is a very versatile piece of furniture to own.

Approx Cost – $349.95 

Cornelia Triple Bunk Bed

Arguably the most sophisticated and elegant children’s bed in Australia right now is the Cornelia Triple Bunk Bed.

Perfect for large families, or those who have a premium on space, this bed takes the form of a standard double mattress below and a standard single mattress on top.

It has a real longevity to it because when your child is a toddler you can sleep on the bottom mattress whilst they are on top. As they get older, or your family grows, two of your kids can then do the same.

The bed also has provides lost of storage with 3 good sized drawers. So it should help to keep the bedroom tidy and clean. For extra safety it also has high guard rails on the top bunk to prevent your child from falling.

Approx Cost – $929

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