15+ Best Bed Linen Brands in Australia

When it comes to bedding, nothing justifies the cost more than the amount of time you spend in bed. Given that humans spend an average of eight hours a day in their beds, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the softness, sturdiness, and durability of linen beds have drawn most of us in, with some willing to spend a few dollars as well. 

What is Linen?

Linen, natural fibre, is created from the flax plant’s stem and roof. Flax is an environmentally beneficial, durable, long-lasting plant source of high-quality textile fibres. Linen is made from these strong fibres, weaved into linen cloth. Cool and mild temperatures are ideal for growing flax. Then flax is spun, dyed, and sewed into a finished product.

Why Is It Used for Sheets?

Sheets made of linen are an excellent choice because of their extreme comfort. You can use linen year-round; no need to buy different sets for summer and winter. Linen is porous and natural absorbent, so people often won’t sweat beneath the sheets in a warmer environment. 

Linen can be a good choice for winter since it softens with every wash, giving you a comfortable and cozy feel. What’s more, you may use your linen sheets for years and years because of the durability of the fibres in linen.

Another reason most people prefer buying sheets made from linen is that they are easy to take care of. Linen has a rustic, soft crinkle, making it look like it doesn’t need to be ironed, so you don’t have to iron it after washing—they’ll be suitable for use straight from the dryer.

What are the Best Types of Linen for Sheets?

Typically, the quality of linen will depend on where they are produced and the production methods used to make them. Some types of linen are far better for bed sheets than others. For example, linen products from Ireland, Belgium, and Japan are perfect for bed linen.

These kinds of linen are entirely made from flax fibres, so they’ll be neat and comforting. Moreover, such linen is long-lasting and doesn’t wear out quickly, meaning they’re the perfect linen for sheets. 

Linen Vs. Cotton, Which One is Better?

Even though cotton can look nice, linen is by far the better alternative when it comes to fabrics. Besides, This is because linen is far more durable, sustainable, and feels better. Furthermore, linen is more breathable than cotton, making products more comfortable. 

Additionally, linen is light, making it easier to clean and maintain.  Linen also softens up with each wash. Linen is also resistant to moths and fights germs.

The Best Bed Linen Brands Australia

Today, linen sheets are all the range. We’ve done the legwork and slept on many linen pillows to give you today’s top bed linen companies in Australia.

1. Abode Living

Abode was started by Robert Adairs, of adairs, in 1991 and took pride in producing some of the best linen products in Australia. And since its opening, the company’s goal has been to create textiles that have been carefully chosen and expertly made in Melbourne. 

While the company has been successful in its mission to combine the finest of the best, it’s lovely that everything is still reasonably priced. By eliminating the intermediary, Abode has amassed a devoted following across the nation due to its sincere connections between Melbourne weavers, European artisans, and satisfied clients.

While you can pick from various designs, the Citi series woven from vintage-washed Belgian linen is the most popular. The Citi series, like all linen, only gets cozier with more slumber. The Citi line comes in ten distinct colours and includes fitted, quilted,  flat, and pillow options.

2. Major Minor

Major Minor specialises in making simple and high-quality classic bedroom linen. It is an economical and exquisite brand created by a mom and daughter from the peaceful town of Berry. Their linen is cultivated, weaved, and sewed in Europe, resulting in some of the finest quality linen available anywhere.

3. Bedouin SOCIETE

Bedouin SOCIETE’s luxurious, classic linens with a modern twist will unquestionably enhance the bedroom interior. The brand has a strong belief that people are in constant need of bedding that is functional and durable without compromising its beauty. Choose from various throws from the brand’s collection in various neutral shades to complete your bedroom.

4. The Sheet Society

 The founders of The Sheet Society, Harley and Andy, were inspired to start the company after realising that the bedding industry needed some improvements. The company has a wide variety of high-quality bed linen options, such as their signature 100% pure verified French linen flax. This is one of the most significant bed linen companies recognised for its excellent performance, breathable, durability, and easy-to-maintain bedding. Just what every person would want, right? To top it off, they come with exceptional features, such as the absence of visible zippers in place of traditional buttons, that they incorporate.

If you’re using French Flax Linen sheets for the first time, you’ll be amazed at the amount of comfort they offer. To get the most out of their products, the Sheet Society suggests sleeping for at least eight hours a night. Several members of the Man of Many staff have tried these sheets and can attest to their comfort. Colours, styles, and materials are all available in a wide variety of fashionable options.

5. Cultiver

Cultiver makes excellent linen bed sheets to showcase the best qualities of this unique textile. Their products aim to produce soft linens using an enzyme wash, accelerating the organic softening processes with every wash. They offer a more comprehensive range of products with exceptional features, making it easy to find your ideal products with the functionality and touch you need. 

6. Dazed But Amazed

Dazed but Amazed offers top-quality, organic, and unique homegrown linen. Jes and her family operate this small linen firm, and significant collections are only released twice a year. This also implies that the linen is handcrafted and full of love, making it an ideal complement to your house.

7. InBed

InBed, a new brand in the market, is famous for delivering high-quality, lavish bed linen. The InBed brand offers a long list of bed products with excellent features for functionality and aesthetics. 

Also, the company has a strong sense of social responsibility and donates and sets up monthly contributions to the Women’s Community Shelters charitable organisation.

8. Carlotta + Gee

Carlotta + Gee offers bedding and home decor with only the finest 100% French linens. Linen is their favourite, and it is sure to provide a calming influence on any space it is placed in. Carlotta + Gee is one of the great slow fashion brands out there, thanks to its Australian design and use of linen.

9. Bed Threads

Bed Threads is a company that sells high-quality yet reasonably priced bedding. Their 100% Flax linen sheet, duvets and pillows offer your bedroom natural comfort, luxury, and elegance.

The high performance of the products from Bed Thread has earned the brand a good reputation far and beyond. 

The brand’s “heirloom-quality” sheets have been featured in Broadsheet, Marie Claire, Vogue Living, Elle, Real Living, Harper’s Bazaar, and other well-known magazines. 

10. Jardan

Jardan, which began as a furniture company, has successfully expanded into the bed linen industry. Australian-inspired tones are derived from the country’s laid-back lifestyle. Organic sands and rose quartz lines are two of our top picks for this collection.

11. I Love Linen

I love Linen is a company of linen located in Burleigh Heads, and you can tell by the airy, beachy feels in their designs. There are a lot of soft shades in the colour range, which is excellent for making a dreamlike bedroom. Moreover, they sell things for the kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe. I love linen bed sheets made of 100% pure French linen.

12. Parachute Linen

Parachute Linen is your go-to brand if you want top-quality bed linen and a little extra money to get what you want most. They are proud of their wide range of bedding accessories, which are casually elegant and have stood the test of time. When you sleep on bed sheets from here, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream.

13. In the Sac

In the Sac, which is what it sounds like, offers sacs containing all the bed linens you may need. Mix and match colours to your liking; every set comes in a classic linen sac. Moreover,  In the Sac is one of the few brands that deliver pure linen that feels very soft and denser.

14. Sheridan

Sheridan, a well-known name in the bed linen industry, continues to innovate with their latest linen design. Moreover, their linen bed products are of the highest quality and have been in production for over 50 years. Luxurious linens are their speciality, and they take great satisfaction in offering them.

15. Castle and Things

Bed linen by Castle and Things has a beautiful, kitsch feel. Their models are memorable and fun and great for kids’ bedding or if you love a little colour in your space. There are a lot of new patterns for you to explore if you’re a lover of Gorman since they cooperate with the Gorman designers.

16. Brooklinen

The Brooklinen brand showcases linens’ natural beauty in all their glory. The linen in their collection is soft and easygoing, with a trademark rumpled appearance. It’s simple to find a package that meets your needs because they provide a variety, ranging from a beginner to a move-in bundle.  

17. Hale Mercantile Co.

 Hale Mercantile sells extravagant linen bedding products produced from pure European linen. Their linen products are made in Europe from Belgian flax linen and French and are excellent for adding a natural, rustic look. Moreover, I t softens and keeps improving with every wash, making it perfect for many nights of cosy, lovely sleep.


Who makes the best linen pillowcases in Australia?

Australia is home to many excellent bed linen products, and picking the best may vary depending on a consumer’s preference. But the linen pillowcases made by The Sheet Society are among the best in Australia.

What are some of the best quilt covers in Australia?

The quilt coverings made by Bed Threads are among the best in Australia.

What is French Flax bed linen?

French flax bed linen refers to a natural textile woven from flax fibres in France. It is entirely pure.

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