The use of the word ‘Manchester’ is a unique trait to Australia and there are two theories as to why this term was coined. One suggests that during colonial times when settlers would travel outside their home country they were often confused by other cultures because most countries had already established customs specific only theirs; however, in Australia, it’s possible for people from all over the world can share these practices due its diverse makeup which includes indigenous peoples plus European & Asian immigrants alike- making us, unlike any others! Another explanation comes downer to simply needing extra fabric linens.

Unfortunately, not until after World War II did Australians have access to locally-made goods. This meant they had relied on imported bedding and other cotton products from Great Britain in order to fulfill their needs before the industrial revolution reached Australia’s shores
The change brought upon by mechanical engineering techniques like those developed during this time period created new opportunities for traders but also left many others out such as farmers who could no longer afford renting or buying land due to high prices caused primarily because there was so much demand.

In the early 1800s, merchants and traders would wait at Australian ports for ships that arrived with wooden crates packed full of cotton items. They would then sell these on in order to make a profit often calling each chest or box “Manchester” because it was their point originator; though whether they thought this term referred specifically just bedding inside boxes is unclear (or even if there’s any truth behind why so many people claim.