The 6 Best Organic and Non-toxic Mattresses in Australia

If there is one piece of furniture in our home we are all attached to its our bed.

Whether we want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, rest on it whilst watching Netflix, or engage in the physical act of love, our beds mean a lot to us.

The comfort of a bed however is very much dependant upon what kind of mattress you have. As a general rule the better quality your mattress is, the more you will enjoy spending time in your bed.

When it comes to buying a new mattress its always a good idea to buy one which is chemical free and eco-friendly. Not only are they good for the environment they are sustainably made too.

Currently, there are quite a few organic and non-toxic mattress in Australia to choose from. To help you decide on the right one for you we have put together this list of some of the most notable brands on the market to check out.

Peacelily Mattress

Peacelily mattresses are without doubt one of the best organic mattresses you will find in the marketplace. 

Made using 100% natural cotton and Dunlop latex, the mattress comes with three different layers of firmness. Cleverly, as these layers remain in place due to natural latex glue, you can change your desired level of firmness at any time, just by turning it over.

Also featuring a 100% organic cotton wadding, that gives enhanced strength to the quilt, the raw materials used to make the mattress are certified by both GOTS, the (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the eco-INSTITUT.

It might not necessarily suit those with latex allergies, but this non-toxic and durable mattress is the most organic rubber mattress you will find on the list. 

Delta Sleep Mattress

While this mattress might not be stuffed with locally sourced wool or made of latex, it is still an excellent choice. Not least because it utilises breathable technology and antimicrobial foams to ensure you always have a hygienic allergy free and environment for sleep.

Proudly manufactured in Victoria, the foam in this premium mattress is 100% recyclable. Made of the highest quality, they have also been given the seal of approval by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

As it is GECA certified, the entire product life cycle from the sourcing of its raw materials, right through construction and delivery is part of a process that is ethically, environmentally and sustainably conscious. 

This means the mattress is free from harsh chemicals or solvents and as it is made in Australia it has fewer carbon emissions and less global shipping.

Once of the key features of this bed is that it has a top layer that is 7-cm thick. This means it is excellent for relieving sore joints as you get a very comfortable ‘ache-free’ sleep that both supports and nurtures your body’s natural alignment.

One of the newer mattresses on the scene, you will also get a free 120 night trial if you buy this bed. So you will be able to return it for a full refund at any time within that period if you are not totally happy with it. 

Pure Comfort Latex Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress which allows you to sleep in a state of luxury, without compromising on quality or being put off by price then the Pure Comfort Latex Mattress is definitely for you.

Presenting a premium, organic mattress that has been constructed with high-end material, this mattress features seven design zones, all of which work together to support every part of your body.

For your comfort these hypoallergenic and antimicrobial mattresses also possess a three-layered natural latex inner which is reversible.

In addition to a Tencel cover that is made from eucalyptus pulp, they are also available in three density models – medium, firm or X firm – which enables you to choose one that suits you completely.

These mattresses are not cheap by any stretch. But if you believe you get what you pay for then you should be very happy with this product.

Emma Original Mattress

With its soft and adaptive design, the Emma Original Mattress is loved by many.

Offering ‘7-zone’ support and comprising of a very breathable eco-friendly hyperfoam, this very comfortable mattress is free of harmful chemicals. This makes it appropriate for toddlers and babies.

This mattress might not be for those who prefer a hybrid mattress, however it is one of the more affordable mattresses on this list, and it also has a handy removable top cover.

Macoda mattress

While the Macoda mattress is not fully organic it is non-toxic and does come highly recommended by  most of those who sleep on it.

Delivering a nice mix of comfort and luxury at a price that is affordable to many, the mattress showcases an attractive blue and white design. 

Created in conjunction with scientific testing, this mattress either passes, or is completely free from the presence of potentially harmful substances like formaldehyde, dyes and pentachlorophenol.

It features three layers of inserts which include gel-infused memory foam, latex and high density foam. The firmness of which can all be adjusted. The fully customisable mattress also has a bamboo cover that is breathable and smooth.

While it is not compatible with a bed base that is adjustable, it does come in a convenient ‘Mattress in a Box’ design that is quite affordable to many.

Ecosa Mattress

A portmanteau of the words ‘eco sleep Australia’, the Ecosa Mattress is committed to providing you with the best eco-friendly solution for your needs.

One of the main selling points for this mattress is that it comes with an adjustable firmness, which ensures you get your desired level of comfort.

It also boasts no less than three layers of latex-free foam to provide your back with excellent support as you sleep. To regulate airflow the top layer also accommodates gel particles.

Whilst the mattress may not be suitable for stomach sleepers, it can rest comfortably on any surface. So you will not have to worry about changing the place where you sleep unnecessarily.

 It also has an all-natural Tencel cover which you can put on or off whenever you feel like it.

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