The boxed mattress frenzy has, in the long run, landed, and with more than 40 individual companies providing various choices, customers like you have plenty of options. This article will go over the leading mattress brands in Australia. 

The biggest challenge many consumers face is determining which boxed mattress is suitable for them. Therefore, we compare 18 of the top boxed mattress brands in this post.

Most of the mattresses in a box vary in size from the king, queen, double and single. Most of these mattresses cost below 1,290 AUD while others, like the single, cost only 400 AUD. The king, on the other hand, goes for 1,395 AUD. 

Those with an open budget will find many conventional mattresses that cost more than 50,000 AUD. However, the high cost doesn’t guarantee that the mattresses will be more comfortable or last longer. 

Most of the brands featured in this consumer guide also provide free delivery services in the metro regions. Most mattresses from these companies are typically shipped the same day as long as you make the order before 11 am. Deliveries usually take up to 5 hours.

Boxed mattresses are packed and delivered in a simple-to-open cardboard package that one or two persons can carry. 

A few of them have wheels so that one can push/pull them to your apartment elevator or doorstep. This eliminates the need to schedule a day off to handle the mattress delivery.  

Inflates In Seconds

Boxed mattresses are usually vacuum sealed using special equipment, and once unravelled from their packaging, they automatically expand. Most fully inflated mattresses weigh between 20 and 30 kgs. Pocket Spring mattresses, however, can weigh up to 70 kg. 

The cost is usually fixed, meaning you won’t have to haggle over the price. The official web pages of leading mattress brands frequently have discount coupon codes of up to $500. These discounts allow customers to get the best prices; therefore, ensure you check for deals before purchasing. 

Don’t search for coupons online as most websites offer fake coupons as they stuff their tracking pixel in your search engine to earn a commission from the mattress firm fraudulently. Most mattress firms now also provide Zip pay and Afterpay, allowing you to get the mattress even if you don’t have the full amount. 

Convenience and affordability are the leading reasons consumers go for mattresses in a box. Other customers prefer a superior sleeping experience and comfort over traditional spring mattresses. 

Spring mattresses are usually associated with tossing and turning. This isn’t an issue with memory foam mattresses as they contour to your body while you sleep.

Getting Accustomed To A New Mattress

For the first few weeks after upgrading to memory foam, you’ll likely experience some back discomfort. Don’t panic — it’s completely normal. Nevertheless, most mattress companies have a 100 – 125-day trial period to test the new mattress to determine if it fits you. 

Best Boxed Mattresses In Australia

1. Hugo Mattress

This mattress consists of a layer upon layer foam combination and latex, making the ideal recipe for excellent sleep each night.

Its base is designed from high-density foam to offer longevity and support. On top of the base is a transition layer consisting of lighter foam to provide a floaty feel to the two top comfort layers. 

The next layer comprises a medium-density comfort layer of memory foam that contours to one’s body for the ideal alignment the entire night, pressure alleviation, and overall comfort for the whole body. 

The mattress’ outermost layer comprises a porous material that circulates air around you for moisture and temperature regulation the whole night. Additionally, this layer is antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic. The result is an unbelievable comfy bed for the most incredible sleep each night and a firmness level preferred by 9/10 users.   

In addition, Hugo mattresses pass the wine glass test and therefore minimise partner disturbance.

This mattress doesn’t require a base — you can still sleep comfortably on the floor if you don’t have a bed. 

It’s reasonably priced and comes in all sizes ranging from King ($1,095) to single ($695). Zippay is also available, offering flexible repayments for cash-strapped customers.

This mattress brand comes with a 3-month cash back trial period to let you ensure it’s the best mattress for you. It also has a ten-year warranty and offers free delivery to all regions. 

2. Emma Sleep Mattress

The Emma Sleep Mattress is undoubtedly one of the leading mattress brands in Australia. As a global brand, Emma sleep mattresses are available throughout the country with quick delivery making it ideal for when you require a mattress urgently, such as when you’re moving into a new apartment. 

There are various sizes available, including double, single, king, queen, super king, and king single. It consists of three layers and has a 25cm depth. The bottom layer is a point-stretchy foam, which assists in avoiding noise when resting; it also provides an excellent foundation for supporting your lower back. 

The layer also comprises their distinct seven-layer, a spring-like fabric that can aid in even weight distribution. If you have a partner, the Emma Sleep mattress is a good option for you as it minimises partner disturbance. 

This mattress is made in Germany and dispatched to Australia, ready to be inflated on your bed frame or bedroom floor. 

Queen size Emma mattresses usually go for $899 even though they frequently have special offers and discounts. 

All Emma mattresses come with a 100 days trial period allowing you to get a full refund if you aren’t pleased with the quality. 

The mattress company allows several payment options including Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard, with financing accessible through Zip and Klarna. 

3. Koala 

This was the most recognised mattress brand in 2019. Koala mattresses have the perfect feel — not too hard or soft. 

The mattress has only two layers. The bottom layer consists of an elastic and firm Eco foam layer for long term support of the top 6cm Kloudcell layer. 

Kloudcell is an alteration of silky comfort foam that combines open-cell porous texture for optimal support and comfort of all users regardless of the climate, with the ideal spine alignment all night despite how you move. The brand is customised to offer the lush feel of latex and memory foam with bounce and breathability. 

The channels incorporated into this layer offer an escape for body heat and air circulation for comfort and cooling. 

The cover is removable and washable, meaning you can keep the mattress clean and fresh.

They offer free delivery services to any metropolitan area within four hours of placing your order. The Koala mattress comes with a 120 nights trial period to ensure you’re satisfied with their product, a ten-year warranty, and a free return option. 

The mattress is available in various sizes, from the king ($1,250) to the single ($750). They also offer Slumber Bundles which help you save up to $300. 

Interest-free finance choices such as Zippay and Afterpay are also available. 

4. Happy Sleep Mattress

Happy Sleep boxed mattresses are made using a blend of memory foam for pressure alleviation, cooling airflow, and minimised partner disturbance, a high-density base for longevity, and latex for a bounce. 

This design offers a comfortable sleep surface for all body support requirements and shapes. The latex is responsive and bouncy, and the memory foam comfort layers are appropriately supportive. Happy Sleep mattresses have a 6.7 firmness level, which has been proven to suit many sleepers. 

Its top layer is made of Tencel, which is silky, cool to touch and has a porous fabric. Tencel is an organic wood derivative and has natural antibacterial properties. 

These mattresses are available in four sizes, from King ($1,099) to King Single ($799). The mattress company also offers Zip and Afterpay options at the checkout.  

Happy Mattress offers free delivery services to all areas. Delivery can take up to ten days, based on where you reside. If you live in the Melbourne metro, the mattress will be dispatched on the same day if you place the order before midday. 

Happy mattresses come with a 100-nights trial period, free return if you aren’t satisfied with the product, and a ten-year warranty. 

5. Eva Mattress

There are six attributes of the Eva boxed mattresses that are distinct. 

First off, it’s among the few mattresses that successfully mix pocket and micro-coil springs with memory foam in a compressed pack. This alone makes it stand out from the rest. 

The other attributes are adaptiveness to all body shapes, porosity, the comfortable and cooling upper layer, its multi-layer technology, minimisation of partner disruption, and finally, suitability for both side and back sleepers. 

This mattress has six layers. The bottom layer consists of a spring base that offers support and has superior side control as it has smaller springs in the edge pockets. On top of this layer is a five-section separate pocket spring layer that minimises disturbance and isolates movements between partners. 

Its firmness is brought about by the next layer’s density foam quality. In addition, it has a spring layer on top of the density foam layer. However, these are small springs made to alleviate pressure points and curve around the body for maximum support. 

Air circulation is another essential attribute of the spring layer. Then there’s an organic latex for air circulation and dust-mite and antimicrobial protection. The upper layer has a gel memory foam which offers pressure alleviation and temperature regulation when the gel spreads throughout the foam. 

Eva mattress is a medium-firm mattress suitable for 95% of users. Five sizes are available, from King ($1,000) to Single ($600). Both Zip and Afterpay are available. 

The mattress comes with a 120-nights trial period, free returns, a 12-year warranty, and a cashback guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

They also offer free delivery, and if you reside in a metro region, you can expect them to deliver the mattress within 5 hours.  

6. Ecosa Mattress

This boxed mattress is somewhat unique — you can adjust its firmness based on a user’s preferences. All one has to do is swap the layers. 

Ecosa mattresses were designed to support the natural spine alignment of all its users, thereby letting them enjoy an entirely restorative rest each night, whatever their requirements may be. 

The mattress consists of three layers soft, medium and firm. The soft layer consists of ergonomic foam for pressure points, spinal alignment support, and partner disruption minimisation. 

The firm layer consists of a G-7 memory foam incorporated with gel particles for temperature regulation, while the medium is an elastic open-cell foam-like latex, porous and durable. 

The mattress also comes with a German-designed microfilament waterproof protector and a removable cover with a zipper. 

The layers consist of pin-core holes to create an entirely porous airflow system throughout the mattress for a cool resting environment. You can place the mattress on any firm surface, such as the floor. 

This mattress is available in seven sizes super king ($1,499) to single (799). They also offer free returns and delivery in Australia. Delivery times usually vary, but they’ll dispatch the mattress within 4 hours if you reside in major cities. 

Ecosa mattresses also have a 15-year warranty and a 100-night cashback trial period. The company also accepts Zippay and Afterpay.

7.  Sleeping Duck Pro

This boxed mattress from Sleeping Duck consists of a one of a kind firmness system that lets every partner have the firmness that aligns with their requirements. You can customise the firmness levels to target each side of the mattress and specific body parts. 

The Sleeping Duck Pro is highly rated on numerous popular sites, such as CHOICE magazine, for its innovation and design. 

The mattress consists of four layers. Its bottom layer has pocket springs — a feature not typically found in boxed mattresses. The springs are set up in a five-zone network to offer support for each body part separately, thus the limited partner disruption. 

The next layer consists of an adjustable high-density foam that has firmness control. The third layer comprises a hyper-flexible foam, and it has attributes of both latex and memory foam to alleviate pressure points and provide buoyancy and a sense of weightlessness. It’s eight times more porous than memory foam or latex. 

The top layer consists of a soft bamboo cover that offers maximum comfort to the skin. It’s soft to the touch, porous, and has antipathogenic properties. Sleeping Duck Pro mattresses also have reinforced sides for additional room. 

This mattress is a half-half mattress to fit you and your partner’s preferences. You can also target a specific problem area by swapping the mattress’s upper layer with the other layers. 

Sleeping Duck Pro mattresses are available in five sizes, from the king ($1,449) to single ($799). 

The mattresses come with a ten-year warranty, free deliveries and returns, free firmness changes, and a 100-nights trial period. They also offer Zipmoney at checkout. 

8. OneBed

These online boxed mattresses come in two varieties: the new Essential 8 and the Original 10. 

Both varieties utilise latex and memory foam to create a cool, durable, supportive, and comfortable sleeping surface. The key attribute of these mattresses is that they have adjustable layers to suit each sleep support requirement and body type. The mattresses are made using environmentally friendly materials. 

The Original ten consists of a simple three-layer blend of flexible latex and high-density memory foam. The layers are bouncy but won’t give under your weight. Its buffering effect keeps partner disturbance to a minimum. The top latex layer offers a cooling effect, drawing heat away from where you’re sleeping. 

Essential 8 is a new and cost-effective choice to the original. It has two layers. The top layer has gel-incorporated memory foam that provides cooling and moulded support for your entire body. 

The bottom layer comprises high-density memory foam for long-lasting support and spinal alignment. This mattress still has the same advantages as the original, like ventilation, pressure alleviation, surface buoyancy, and limited partner disruption. 

The Onebed mattresses are available in five sizes, from king to single. Singles in the Essential are $550, while the original is $750. King size in Essential is $900, while the original goes for $1,150. 

With each purchase, you get free returns and shipping, access to Zipmoney and Afterpay, a 10-year warranty, and a 125-night free trial. 

9. Sleep Republic

This mattress consists of a mix of the floatiness and softness of latex and memory foam with the support and bounce of pocket springs. 

The Sleep Republic is an excellent hybrid mattress of five layers fused to create the ideal sleeping surface for everyone. 

The bottom layer consists of high definition pocket springs that provide superior support targetted specifically to five individual body parts. The individual springs minimise partner disruption and aid air circulation throughout the layer. The side is designed from firm springs to ensure maximum use of the whole sleep surface.

Sleep Republic mattress edge panels are made from a three-dimensional spacer material for additional ventilation. 

Its three layers above the bottom layer are made to offer maximum sleep comfort for every body type. An organic latex layer offers both recoveries with air circulation and support and a cooling effect through several ventilation holes. 

The layer above this consists of gel-incorporated memory foam for pressure alleviation, contouring around the body, and temperature regulation. The upper layer consists of a silky cashmere knotted fabric that’s exceptionally cozy and durable. 

Sleep republic mattresses are available in six different sizes, from King ($1,399) to Single ($599)

The mattress company allows payments made using Zip, Afterpay and Paypal. You get free deliveries and returns, a 100-nights sleep trial, and a 12-year warranty with purchase.

10. 624 Mattress

This mattress has six layers that merge to create an unforgettable sleeping experience. Additionally, 624 mattresses are made using top-quality fabrics. The mattresses come with an interchangeable upper layer that gives you the choice of the individual firmness levels that suit your preferences. 

The bottom layer consists of a highly-porous fabric with gripping points to limit movement throughout the night. The top of the bottom layer is a Kantec material layer, a fast-drying and soft-touch fabric that draws moisture from the top layers for a more cozy sleep. 

On top of the bottom layers is a 190mm highly dense resistant kantec foam, which offers a solid sleep surface, eliminates partner disruption and has an open-cell construction for easy air and moisture circulation. This layer promotes temperature regulation and hygiene. 

Above this layer is a 40mm high-density that contours to your body type and offers a floaty weightless sensation. Then there’s a 30mm organic latex layer (with activated charcoal) to alleviate pressure points and absorb impurities and odours. 

Lastly, there’s a protective inner mesh layer with anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic properties. It also consists of a removable cover meaning you can keep the sleeping surface fresh and clean. 

624 mattresses are available in King ($999), Queen ($899), Double ($799), and King single sizes ($699). They also offer Zip and Afterpay. 

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, free returns and delivery, and a 125-nights trial like its competitors. 

11. Slumba

This mattress is ideal for the hot Australian climate. Slumba mattresses are 25cm thick and offer temperature regulation, support and comfort. 

The mattress has three layers, and the bottom layer consists of a movement isolation support foam that keeps the mattress in position and limits partner disturbance. The middle layers consist of a charcoal/bamboo-infused foam with antipathogenic, moisture and odour wicking and hypoallergenic properties and offering support. 

The upper layer has a gel-incorporated memory foam to mould to your body contours, offer pressure alleviation and comfort, align your spine and regulate temperature. 

Slumba comes with a removable hypo-allergenic cover for hygiene and freshness. 

The mattress is available in four sizes, from the king ($850) to single ($550). The mattress also comes with two free pillows, a ten-year warranty, free delivery and access to Afterpay at checkout. 

If you reside in some areas close to their outlets, you can expect your mattress to be delivered within four hours if you place the order before noon. Otherwise, expect the mattress to be dispatched within 24 hours if you reside in the major metro regions. This mattress doesn’t offer a free trial.

12. Naptime

This brand of online boxed mattresses come in three variations; Rookie, Hybrid and Original. 

The original was the first mattress ever made by Naptime. It has five layers that work together to offer a cooling, supportive and pressure-alleviating surface for every body type and shape. 

The original mattress is made from high-quality memory foam, thick and organic bamboo materials and lovely linen weave fabrics. 

Memory foam also has tiny cell structures and gel infusions that offer cooling effects, pressure alleviation, and support. The mattress features a bouncy technology that ensures moulding around the body without experiencing a sinking feeling as you move throughout the night. 

The Hybrid mattress is Naptime’s most modern bed with transition foams and five-zone springs. The Hybrid’s other features are more or less similar to the original. However, the addition of new foam types and springs takes this mattress’s comfort to another level. 

The over 1,000 separately wrapped coil springs are distributed in five zones around the mattress to offer the ultimate comfort and support to your entire body and minimise partner disruption. The novel transition foams are better at contouring your body without enveloping it. 

They keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Rookie is the latest addition to this mattress family, and it’s the most affordable. The rookie is a streamlined version of the Hybrid and the Original; therefore, it utilises pocket springs and memory foam to provide optimum comfort and support. The general make uses less of each layer and material to make it more cost-effective. 

The pocket springs cover a three-zone system that focuses specifically on the knees and shoulder and provides side-to-side support. The foams used in this mattress include gel-infused, wave foam, and transition. 

All the mattress variations utilise top-quality linen weave materials and bamboo for an exquisite finishing touch. 

The original mattress is available in various sizes, from the king ($1,300) to single ($700).

The hybrid is also available in five sizes, from the king to the single, costing $1,550 to $825.

Zip and Afterpay are accepted. You get free returns and delivery with purchase, an industry-leading15-year warranty, and a 100-nights sleep trial. 

13. Sleepy Panda

This boxed mattress consists of a five-zone pocket spring layer for targetted support to all the essential body parts, a latex to offer a bouncy cushioning, and gel-infused memory foam to allow temperature control and air circulation. 

The pocket springs offer separate support for the lower back, hips, shoulders, head, knees, and hips for maximum relief in each of these sections. The latex is purely organic and hypoallergenic. Although it’s firm, it also cushions for maximum comfort. 

The gel-infused memory foam allows airflow across the mattress to provide a cooling effect in the Australian heat. Additionally, Sleepy Panda mattresses have soft and naturally porous bamboo material covers. 

Five mattress sizes are available, from the king ($1,049) to single ($499). The company allows access to Zipmoney financing at checkout. 

Sleepy panda mattresses also come with a 1-year warranty, 100-nights trial and free returns. 

The company offers free delivery to most areas except the Nothern Territory and Western Australia. Delivery time varies based on where you reside.

14. Noahome

This boxed mattress is a hybrid with a blend of pocket springs, memory foam, and latex to make a universally supportive and comfy sleeping surface that suits 95% of people regardless of their pressure point issues, body type, or preferred sleeping position. It’s incredibly impressive that it can be packed in a box for shipping! That’s what makes this mattress affordable.

The Noahome mattress has a height of 11 inches, most of which is accounted for by its pocket springs. The mattress consists of a thin bottom layer of support foam and a high pocket spring layer that offers full-body support, minimises partner disruption, and allows side-to-side use. 

On top of this layer are a transition pad and a thicker gel memory foam. The gel foam contours to your body, offering optimal support and comfort in addition to its moisture-wicking and temperature regulation capability. The organic latex layer has Tencel, which is porous, anti-dustmite, and repels odours. 

Noahome is available in five sizes, from the king ($1,199) to single ($799). This mattress also comes with a 15-year warranty, free returns and delivery (which takes a minimum of 4 business days).

15. Sommuto

This boxed mattress has a simple foam construction to offer maximum comfort and support. Sommuto mattresses are Australian made. 

Below the sturdy removable cover is a distinct MEMair Breeze memory foam that offers the best sleep temperature. Its foam is highly porous and provides pressure alleviation and spinal support for refreshing sleep each night.  

The middle layer is specially designed using wavy foam, which has high elasticity to encourage air circulation and offer excellent support for spinal alignment. The bottom layer consists of non-slip, compact, durable foam, minimising partner disturbance. 

You can place sommuto mattresses on any flat surface, including slatted surfaces. 

The mattresses are available in five sizes, from the king ($1,049) to the single ($699). Additionally, the mattresses come with a 100-trial period, free returns and delivery (which takes anywhere between 1 to 5 days), and a 10-year warranty. Zipmoney is also accepted. 

16. Avatar Mattress

These mattresses are pure latex and foam products with material outers. 

Inside the Avatar mattress is a thick compact support foam that is sturdy and offers adequate support to every body type. The mattress’s core is a gel-infused memory foam that contours and supports your whole body and provides cooling air circulation for comfort in every weather condition, especially heat. 

This foam evenly supports and aligns the whole body. The top layer is a porous pin-holed latex with a sufficient bounce to alleviate pressure on your body and circulate air for hygiene and comfort. 

The base consists of sewn-in non-slip beads, which averts bed slippage. The mattress is enclosed in a sturdy organic linen cover for ventilation and freshness. Above the base layer is a quilted absorbent Tencel for additional comfort. 

In contrast to other mattresses, which offer three support choices, Avatar only offers one firmness level. The mattress is available in four sizes, from King ($1,349) to single ($749). The mattress company doesn’t offer any finance options and accepts PayPal payments. 

Before purchasing this mattress, ensure you read through its terms and conditions since they are pretty detailed. The mattress comes with a 100-night trial period and offers free delivery in Melbourne and Sydney, provided the purchases are over $999. 

17. Tontine

Tontine is a popular Australian bedding products brand that has ventured into the mattress manufacturing industry. 

Although the company sells their other products both online and in-store, its mattress is a relatively new product, and it was recommended by CHOICE in 2018. 

Tontine mattresses are entirely built from memory foams and promise to wholly align your hips, spine, and neck to minimise pressure areas by moulding to your body. 

The memory foam utilised has a proven record of performing consistently over a long period (8 years under artificial conditions) and retaining its structure and shape. The mattress also has a gel-incorporated memory foam, which has cooling properties. 

The pillowtop consists of a quilted cover sewn into the upper layer for additional comfort. The quilted cover is machine washable for hygiene and freshness. 

The mattress is available in four sizes, from the king ($1,199.99) to the single ($799.99). 

Tontine allows Openpay and Afterpay finance options. Additionally, the mattress comes with free returns and delivery, a 100-nights trial period, and a ten-year warranty. 

18. Ergoflex

This multi-award-winning and the chiropractor-approved mattress is perfect for individuals with back issues and those who want to prevent back problems. 

Ergoflex has a 5-layer memory foam structure. The bottom layer consists of a flexible foam to prevent movement and ensure durability. The subsequent layer provides cooling air circulation for temperature control at the mattress’s core.

Above these layers are three memory foam layers: a mix of high-density for limited partner disruption and Vico-elastic for body-contouring support throughout the night. The upper layer has a soft and porous Tencel, which sits on an inner microfibre layer. 

The mattress comes in six sizes, from the king ($1,749) to single ($899). Customers can access ZipPay at checkout. 

You get a 30-day trial period, free delivery, and a ten-year warranty with purchase. However, the trial period and delivery are not available in all areas. 

How To Select The Best Boxed Mattress

The first step is to choose between pocket spring and memory foam mattresses. This is probably the most crucial aspect when purchasing a boxed mattress. 

If you are accustomed to a firm/hard mattress, you may have trouble transitioning to a memory foam mattress. Nevertheless, this effect wears off with time. 

Pocket Spring Vs. Memory Foam Boxed Mattress

If you’re having back problems sleeping on pocket spring mattresses, switching to memory foam might be ideal. Memory Foam mattresses can help relieve those issues. If you’re experiencing back problems from sleeping on memory foam mattresses, you may have to switch to spring mattresses. 

Memory foam mattresses are ideal if you’re accustomed to sleeping on mattresses that contour your body. 

Is A Boxed Mattress Heavy?

Memory foam mattresses typically weigh between 20 and 30kg. One person can easily lift these mattresses, but you’ll need help to remove them from the sleeping area. 

Spring mattresses usually vary in weight based on the features they have. For instance, the Eva mattresses weigh 70kg — that’s quite heavy even for two people.

Can A Boxed Mattress Be Repacked?

Once you unbox a boxed mattress, you can’t recompress it and fit it back into the box. It requires special tools to repack it.

Returning A Boxed Mattress

When someone asks for a refund, the company sends the Redcross or Salvation army to collect it. Even though most companies offer free returns, they never refund customers until Redcross or the Salvation Army collects it. Scheduling a pick-up if you have a 9-5  can be pretty challenging.