Black bedroom design.


Use black to create an elegant and bold aspect for your room. If used cleverly, black gives an elegant and sophisticated air to interior design. When put on a light or neutral background colour, everything which is black will stand out. This makes it ideal for highlighting certain elements of a room.
Black and white design.

Black and White

If you are crazy about monochrome interiors then this mammoth collection of black and white beauties from well-known Australian brands is going to be right up your alley! Covering different looks all presented in high contrast, this is modern monochrome heaven. It's a palette that is always fresh and inviting.
Designing with the colour blue.


With blue, you can create a cool and clear look. Interior designers use blue to create an atmosphere of work and meditation. This colour has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. It can be used in design to enlarge a room, such as with a very light shade of blue. Blue is often used to cool a room with much sun and heat.
Designing with brown.


Brown is common in nature. Wood and earth are of this colour, giving it a sense of security, familiarity, and stability. In interior arrangements, brown can add depth and warmth. Neutral colour schemes can add a bit of brown to make them more welcoming. Furniture finishes and timber flooring compliment well and help to create a pleasant rustic effect.
Designing in green.


The colour of harmony, growth, and balance. Design in green to create an ambiance that is both mentally and physically relaxing. Green is soothing and restful on the eye due to its prevalence in nature. It's not necessary to style wall to wall in green as just a few elements can suffice.
Designing with grey.


Grey is a neutral yet sophisticated colour which gives a clean, graphic look. An achromatic colour, the word grey literally means "without colour". Pure grey is known to have no direct psychological properties but when combined with pops of vibrant colour creates a balanced, contemporary, and modern room.
Designing in linen.


Linen is a light beige colour like that of undyed linen cloth. Common in coastal and Hampton’s styled home design, linen promotes a laidback, organic feeling often associated with natural landscapes. Often associated with cotton and other natural fibres, sand and earth.
Designing with multi-colours.


Choosing a colour combination for your bedroom shouldn't be a challenge. Freedom with colour application can be a powerful tool for transforming a plain space. By using a neutral backdrop as a canvas, a new look can easily be achieved simply by rearranging or replacing multi coloured elements.
Designing with orange.


Orange is a gently stimulating colour that evokes feelings of comfort and warmth due to our long-standing and intimate history with the sun. For that reason it is strongly associated with summer and security. It is also considered a “fun” colour that promotes happiness when used in a room.
Designing with pink.


A colour that soothes, rather than stimulates, pink is actually a tint of red. It’s emotional association with love and sexuality makes pink feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate. It is also commonly stereotyped as “girly”, though its application in interior design is much wider.
Designing in red.


Some cultures consider red lucky. It is a colour that stimulates energy, passion and a sense of protection. Being of the longest wavelength in the visible light spectrum gives it the property of appearing to be nearer than it is and therefore grabs attention. This gives red its striking effect.
Designing with silver.


Silver is a colour that works well with all other colours, as it reflects the energy and emotional effects of those colors around it. The colour silver has similar emotional qualities to grey but it is more light-hearted and optimistic. Silver is strongly associated with the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides.
Designing with white.


Visually, white gives a heightened perception of space. Strongly associated with cleanliness, this colour (or lack thereof) encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles and enables fresh beginnings. It is known to evoke purification of thought and aid mental clarity.
Designing with yellow.


If you are looking for a burst of sunshine in your room - yellow is your colour. It is optimistic and cheerful. It is mentally stimulating, and proven to stimulate the nervous system and encourage communication. It is the colour of confidence but also one, strangely, prone to making babies cry.
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