Which Is The Healthiest Position To Sleep In?

We look at the health benefits of each sleep position and the possible negative impacts of your preferred position. Is your sleep position to blame for your snoring or could it be causing premature wrinkling of your skin? Read on to find out.

Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is considered to be one of the healthiest positions because it allows the spine, neck and head to maintain a neutral position. In this position, the body can rest thoroughly without excess pressure on any one point. Adding a small pillow behind the knees is recommended for those who sleep in this position but still have lower back pain issues. Also, beauty experts say that sleeping on your back protects your skin from wrinkles, as your face is not pressed into a pillow. So, are there any downsides to sleeping on your back? Maybe – if you are a snorer! Lying face up narrows the air-ways, which increases the likelihood of snoring and disturbed sleep.

Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on your side is also considered to be a healthy option and is noted as being especially comfortable during pregnancy. The back maintains a natural position which helps to prevent those tricky aches and pains, but experts recommend that those who sleep in this position should try using a medium to firm pillow with a memory foam filling to ensure that their neck is fully supported during the night. If you are concerned about wrinkles and a sagging bust-line though, this position may be less beneficial due to the effects of gravity on the unsupported muscles and ligaments.

Sleeping Face Down

For those who have a tendency to snore, sleeping face down is a remedy which can work wonderfully. Unfortunately, this position is less than healthy for the rest of your body. When you lay on your stomach, your back is pushed out of alignment which can cause serious discomfort and long-term pain. The pressure can also interfere with the function of vital organs such as the stomach causing digestive problems. If you sleep in this position, choose a thin pillow for your head, to keep your body in the most natural position possible. For beauty bonus points, add a silk pillow case which your skin will slide over to reduce the appearance wrinkles. Another idea is to buy a body pillow which you can place under one side of your body to reduce strain. We want to know what you think! Which of the positions described above do you sleep in, and do you notice any benefits or ill-effects on your health?