Top Three House Plants for Your Bedroom
Using house-plants to decorate your home is a wonderful way to add texture, energy and colour to any room. Growing plants indoors can be more than just a pretty design feature too – some plants could even make your home a healthier place to be and even help you get a better night's sleep. In today's blog, we look at which common plant varieties are best for the bedroom, and how you can take advantage of their natural benefits.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular ornamental plant which is commonly used in skin-care products and medicines around the world. Originally grown in Africa, the aloe vera plant has succulent spiky leaves with an attractive mottled pattern, and flowers once each year.  Aloe vera is considered to be a particularly good choice for positioning in the bedroom, as it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide during the night, purifying the air, and hopefully helping you to sleep better!

Peace Lily

The tropical Peace Lily is an pretty yet easy to care for house plant which has deep green, shiny leaves and elegant white flowers between April and October. Peace Lily plants are probably the most famous plant which is recommended for use in the bedroom and do well in conditions of low-light – perfect if your bedroom is naturally dark/shady. In a study by NASA, it was found that this popular house plant really does cleanse the air of toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Spider Plant

With long striped leaves reminiscent of grasses, the Spider Plant is appealingly lush and jungle-like vibe. Best grown in low-light conditions, a healthy Spider Plant will produce off-shoots which grow  smaller “baby” plants. Like the peace lily, the spider plant can absorb microscopic toxins from the air, making your bedroom a healthier place to be and purifying the oxygen that you breathe. Why not create a display incorporating a selection of these fascinating plants in your bedroom and see the difference for yourself?