How to Bring Light to a Dark Bedroom
In an ideal world, your bedroom would be gently sunlit throughout the day, a warm, peaceful and inviting place where you can enjoy your own space. In the real world however, it isn't always possible to choose which benefits from natural light, and bedrooms can often be dark, neglected spaces. In this blog we'll show you three easy ways to wake up the full potential of your bedroom, creating the illusion that it is an airy, bright room – even if it isn't.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a perfect way to capture any natural light and reflect it back into the room. For maximum effect position a mirror directly opposite a window to make the most of any light the room gets. If this isn't possible, place a lamp or spot-light over your mirror to generate more light. For bonus brightening effects choose a mirror frame which adds to the effect : avoid dark, heavy wood and seek out gleaming shells, rattan or modern brushed steel depending on your preferred interior décor style.

A Lick of Paint

It is amazing how effectively a change in paint colour or wall-paper can bring life and light into a bedroom. Dark, sombre colours are oppressive in small rooms which lack natural light sources, so look to the paler side of the spectrum when choosing your paint. Rather than choosing stark white which cold make your bedroom feel cold, look for warm mid-tone shades. Think sun-warmed terracotta, duck egg blue, rose pink or butter-cream – all of which are reminiscent of sunny days and create a homely sensation. Paint finishes with a sheen are a great choice as they too will help to reflect light into the space.

Best Choices for Bedding

An excellent way to bring light into your bedroom is to choose bedding which incorporates fabrics which have a sheen. Think of Egyptian cotton with its rich and subtle gleam and satin with its almost metallic luminosity. Get creative and use quilts, pillows and throws to brighten and lighten your bedroom in an instant.