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  1. How to Sleep Well in Hot Weather

    How to Sleep Well in Hot Weather

    With the long, hot days of summer just around the corner, we are all looking forward to packing away our woolly jumpers and high-tog quilts for the season. While the rising temperatures make a nice change to bitter wind and chilling rain, when it starts to get that bit too hot, sleep can suffer. Lack of sleep leads to bad moods, lethargy and poor concentration and in the long-term can have a number of other health complications. So, if you want to ensure sweet dreams while others are suffering from sweaty nights of insomnia this summer, here are our top tips for sleeping well in hot weather.

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  2. How to Encourage Your Teens to Develop a Good Sleep Pattern

    How to Encourage Your Teens to Develop a Good Sleep Pattern

    Does your teen stay awake long after your head has hit the pillow? Are you worried that not enough duvet time is making your child feel lethargic? If so, read on and discover our tips on how to encourage your teen to develop a good sleep pattern.

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  3. Are Separate Beds The Answer To Blissful Sleep?

    Are Separate Beds The Answer To Blissful Sleep?

    According to several studies, an increasing number of couples choose to swap their double bed for twin beds and sleep separately. Some research suggests that separate beds is a great way to deal with sleep issues and improve sleep quality – and that couples who sleep apart may even be happier and healthier than their double-bed counterparts. In this blog, we take a look at a few of the pros and cons of sleeping in separate beds.

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  4. Which Is The Healthiest Position To Sleep In?

    Which Is The Healthiest Position To Sleep In?

    We look at the health benefits of each sleep position and the possible negative impacts of your preferred position. Is your sleep position to blame for your snoring or could it be causing premature wrinkling of your skin? Read on to find out.

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  5. Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep

    Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep

    When it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices, quality sleep is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. Sometimes, however, sleep doesn't come as easily as it should do. Physical and mental tension can make it hard to settle down enough to drift off, and many of us lose hours of rest through stress related insomnia. One excellent way to relax your body after a busy day is to perform a series of yoga poses as part of your nightly routine.

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  6. Bedding Guide for Babies

    Bedding Guide for Babies

    Whether you are expecting a baby yourself, or are looking for a gift for a family member or friend who has a tot, the following guide is for you. We've put together all of our top tips on how to choose baby bedding to make shopping for crib sheets, blankets and more straightforward, helping you to ensure baby's comfort and safety at bedtime.

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  7. Girl's Bedroom Ideas

    Girl's Bedroom Ideas

    Are you looking for makeover ideas for your little girl's bedroom? Then you've come to the right place. We have come up with a selection of fabulous suggestions, helping you to combine décor, bedding and accessories to create a designer look to suit your child's personality and taste.

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  8. Bedding Guide For Men

    Bedding Guide For Men

    If you have always left bedding choices down to the women in your life, you are missing out on an opportunity to express your style and create a relaxed ambience with a personal touch. To help you get started we've created this basic bedding guide for men, full of top tips to help you figure out your way around valances and bedspreads, throw rugs and doonas.

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  9. Bed Sizes

    Bed Sizes

    To those out there looking for bed sizes - see below for a handy little bed chart.

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  10. Bedding For Summer

    Bedding For Summer

    When the warm weather of summer arrives, it is time to pack away the thick blankets and plush quilts of winter and dress your bed with linens chosen to suit the season. Staying cool and comfortable is the key to sleeping well on summer nights and the only way to beat the heat! Read on for our guide to choosing bedding for summer, and find out which style of bedding is best and which fabrics to opt for, as well as tips on which colours and patterns to choose.

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